Panorama View(s) - what is your favourite capture?

in photography •  2 months ago

20180901_182905-PANO-BW .jpg

Burgas Panorama

Today I show you a panorama monochrome edit presenting a wide area in the Burgas harbour space - the photo spans from the famous Burgas Bridge (on the left you see a part) - one of the famous symbols of Burgas that connects people to the sea - to the Burgas Port on the right. Both will be covered here soon with details, history and more visuals. Please see below the original coloured capture and let me know which one you prefer? In this case I am surprisingly more in favour of the original - what about you?


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I am also more in favour of the color-photo. B&W photos are in my (hobby photographic) opinion the domain of hard contrasts, lines, shapes and shadows. The meaning of these elements is more accentuated.

Colors directly address the viewer emotionally. This kind of superficial emotionality is not in the foreground with a B&W photo.


Thanks a lot for the professional feedback and explanation of some background expertise. Sounds all logical - I might uae that new knowledge in future @peter2017


You are welcome!

Beautiful photography ... I also like the original ... it reflects the beautiful details of the place. :)

Auf alle Fälle farbig!!!! Schwarz weiß und die Natur passen meistens nicht zusammen... Leben ist bunt. Sehr schöner Blick!

Life is colorfull! This pic is beautifull!

I like both, however because I actually prefer to see color of the sea I choose the colored version.

To be honest the place is indeed beautiful .It sure is magical indeed.

The view and the mountains that can be seen far away is looking wonderful !

what type of camera did you use to capture this landscape. It looks beautiful buddy. I choice the second photo that shows the real look of the lake and it is cool with original shot. Regard from @koffieme, :D


Samsung smartphone Galaxy - do not ask me which one :-)

Such a amazing photo shot . Black and white combination is perfect . Beautiful photography . I also like your picture . Thanks for sharing @uwelang

Fabulous one!!!