Fun Flight Photos on my Paramotor 📷

in #photographylast year

I love flying this crazy paramotor flying machine and its just a blast to also take some crazy photos while literally hanging out in the sky!

Oh look, who knew bigfoot could be spotted in the sky! No wonder no one ever gets pictures, they are busy hunting for him in the forests.

What a perfect nice, the cloud streaks just enhanced the sunset and it was pretty unbelievable!

Getting low, foot dragging some grasses...

Some few other angles with all the lines in the sky and on the fields, I thought they turned out looking pretty cool!


Well there it is, the sun is just setting and I need to fly home!

I hope you liked the photos, they were a lot of fun


You've got a free upvote from witness fuli.
Peace & Love!

Great pictures....
Who is the camera person and how to stay in front / above?

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