Beautiful Pepper Photography In My Village | Photography No: 614

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The name of these trees is the pepper tree. Pepper is very important to us. I took these pictures while I went around. Take these pictures from our village field. Our village is very beautiful to see. My village feels very good. This picture looks very beautiful. I got the photos on my mobile. I like to take pictures. What do you like the village?

Photo Capture: Symphony V85
Photo Place: Kotchandpur, Jhenaidah
Photo Owner: Myself
Photo Take: Afternoon

First Picture,

Second Picture,

Third Picture,

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I always try to take better pictures. This is not easy to take a good picture. Beautiful pictures like everyone. It looks very nice to see good pictures. I love to take pictures. Everyone will make pray for me so that I can take a better picture.

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Nice photography , I see red chili