Traditional Tokyo , Japan

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 at Yuten-ji temple, Tokyo 

 Buddhist statue behind a small temple along the Arakawa street-car line in central Tokyo

 Mini Temple tucked in the corner of a side street in central Tokyo. You never know what you'll find just around the corner in Tokyo. 


 The last scene from Narai-Juku is just of a simple curtained doorway of an old wooden house. 


Scenes #1 Went to the preserved little town of Narai-Juku in the Japan Alps last year that harkens back to the late Edo and early Meiji periods of Japan (late 19th into early 20th centuries)

Scene #2 from Narai-Juku. The main street of the town. The village is a nice mix of shops catering to the tourists and actual homes lived-in homes. 


 Scene #3 from Narai-Juku. A store/restaurant front (do not remember which) on the main street in Narai-Juku. 

Make-shift Shinto Shrine in the Traditional Edo-era (17th-19th centuries) town of Nara-juku in Nagano Prefecture, Japan 


beautiful Japan, someday i'll be there

What a happy Buddha. Wish the pictures were bigger.