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I was lucky I met in the mountains Shepherd

Click on the image for higher resolution

Camera:Nikon d80
Lens:Sigma 17-50mm f/2.8
Location:Carpathians (Ukraine)

Чудові фото

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Hello @uadigger
His contribution was found in the Curie list.
The shots are amazing.
I don't know what the weather will be but I feel the cool breeze on my face.
Stay great!

Beautiful place. I have been falling in love with Ukraine and other countries I knew very little about. I am so glad Steemit has allowed so many people from around the world to showcase their countries and culture here.
I don't know how livable the whole country is, how prosperous or friendly, but these images show a paradise on earth.

Great photos, nice captures and some of the photos have the perfect tone it really requires for it. are these from a single trip or from different locations. The place looks like so perfect that if possible I would like walk alone through that meadows or lie down on the back looking on a starry sky with no one around.

Congratulations for the curie curation. Thanks and Cheers.

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