Nature Photography - Beautiful Flowers after the Rain - Part 1 - 7 HQ Macro Photographs - 100% Own work!

in photography •  last year

Heya folks, today i braved the rain to get a few nice shots of flowers loaded with water. I dont know if it is just me, but i really love the water pearls on flowers :)

Here is part one of two.
In this part i look at a beautiful purple flower in natural light as well as with flash lighting.
The resulting images are very different, i hope you enjoy them :)








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Have a great day!

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they are stunning ,great photo production,Which camera you are using,nikon or sony?


for this set i actually used my smartphone, samsung galaxy s7. It takes a lot longer to get nice shots but it was all i wanted to lug around in the rain. Normally i use a Panasonic Lumix.

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These are all great pics!


Thank you :)