The duck of El Laguito.

in #photography3 years ago


I frequently visit the El Laguito Park located in the City of Caracas, it is a place that you can enjoy with the little ones and enjoy a reading or go through the park doing a quiet walk and take a take to share with my colleagues in Steemit.

This shot is not one of the best, but finding this duck out of the water is something that does not happen frequently, or at least when I go. Its movement in the water is fast, it uses its beak to fish in the water submerging its entire body.


Creole duck

It is known as Creole duck throughout America and on my last visit I had the joy of finding it out of the water.


It is a very particular duck because of its physical characteristics, it allowed my closeness, but attentive to my movements, its feathers were bright and when it retired it emitted a sharp sound.


I closed and opened its wings, I'm sure he wanted to convey something that I couldn't understand.




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