A fascinating flight.

in #photography3 years ago


I live in the city and it is complicated for me to have a good shot of these restless friends, but I visited the field a few weeks ago and brought something fascinating to show. The fascination that awoke in me is due to its ability to fly, its speed. In American culture they are symbols of purity and transformation, as well as victory, power and prosperity.

Dragonflies are natural predators, by concentrating in large quantities they are able to kill mosquitoes.


It is characterized by having a flattened surface just in front of your eyes, making it easier for you to see the mosquito park before becoming food.

The dragonfly rests on its wings that help it float in the slightest breeze, but it can beat them quickly and hard enough to fly even in a strong wind.



I am @truelovemon, Mileidy. Lover of nature and every Gracias that inhabits it. Passionate about photography, not only a click is enough, it is to see beyond your eyes, it is to fill you with the hidden beauty in the simple.


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