My Land Art - Hiking In Switzerland

in #photography2 years ago (edited)

I found some photos of a hike I made this summer, that I wanted to share this you.

I made some creations on the way to the "Lac de Taney - Switzerland", taking my time to enjoy the nature and the landscape.




















I hope you enjoyed to see theses landscapes and my creations.

See you soon my fellow steemians.



That's some really cool landscape!!!!! How long was the hike?

Yes indeed it is! Mmmh. I think we walked about 5 hours. I took a lot of shots, but I didn't include all of them, otherwise nobody would check the entire post.. ;)

Excellent photography and breathtaking views. Your creations defy gravity just like your videos! I like the contrast of the feathers and the rocks it is like the yin and the yang.

Hey thank you! I'm happy that you noticed this little touch of lightness if these "heavy" landscapes. Haha. ;-)

Great stone balancing, they really made the pictures stand out and look even more awesome. Also love the landscape. Heaven mod.

I'm happy that you enjoyed that. :-)

I like the winged succulent. It's like an awkward little angel from an anime... lol

Haha, he's trying to reach the mountain top. So I helped by giving him some wings. (But I should have given him back life too) :D

Oh my God, it's very beautiful! I want to go there!

It is. :3


Damn I have to come visit !! Too beautiful :)

Yes you have to. :D

Since we moved to switzerland almost two years ago I still find myself getting lost in the landscape sometimes... it is really easy to find true beauty in nature and realise you place in it here...
really nice post, upvoted

I totally understand... You made the right decision to move in our beautiful country. :D

Thanks, Cheers!

I would love to go for a hike and stumble upon creations like this. Gives me some inspiration for the future. I'm envious of the landscape you were able to experience.

Oh, you should totally try. Haha, and yes, I wonder if the next hikers will enjoy my creations (If they're still standing).


I've never attempted to stack rocks like that before, but I have always wanted to. Any tips? haha How do you achieve such balance?

I love kairns! Beautiful photos!💕

Upvoting and following

I love to make them, it's really realxing! Thanks!

awesome photos! great designs! peaceful to look at!

Thank you. Yes, peaceful is the right word. :)

my cousin and uncle are in switzerland now lol

What a beautiful post! Really creative hands you got there :) Really enjoyed, satisfying to watch. Great shots, really smooth, thanks for sharing, have a nice day #keepsteemin :)

Hey thank you Warrkin! That's a sweet comment. :3

Ohh no no, thank You for the wonderful post. :)

Damn, that landscape O.O

And there were some people living in a little house, right where I was standing to take the photo. Imagine waking up every mornings to this beauty? :O

I don't often envy people, but this is close :P

Wonderful landscapes and green nature

Beautiful photos

Photos is perfectly taken with the right angle

color and contrast of the photo looks perfect.

the power of nature art.

Upvoted @troilo

Thank you Mister Green Poet, and welcome to Steemit. :)

wwoowwww very very wonderfull photography my friend 😍😍
always be happy and good click photo..

Thank you. :)

Wonderful ! Great Job

i just up vote you !
you can see my post
Follow me @letsmakes

Nice pictures with lots of information . Thank you

Thanks, but I'm not sure about the "lots of information" part.

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