Instagram Automation Tools PART 2/ Save your time and enjoy the moment -The 100 Day Steemit Blogpost Challenge - Day 008

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Maybe you know this situation?
You are on holiday with a friend or with your girlfriend. In front of a nice epic little nature view, getting the feeling Yeah, i am on holiday, and its so awesome to be here in this very moment

  • and in the next moment your girl or your friend is hanging on his smartphone to post on Instagram.

''This can ruin a friendship or a relationship''

To make a photo of this moment is not a bad thing. And sharing on Instagram is also not a bad thing. But posting on Instagram while you are surrounded by life, by your friends, while you are in a special place, where you usually don't come back so fast, that is a bad thing.
You are giving social media and Instagram in this moment more priority, then your holiday itself. You should ask yourself, why are you here? To have a holiday, or just to feed your Instagram wall with better pictures, than usual, because your cooperate life sucks so much.

SO here is my solution!
What if you can schedule your posts?
What if you can follow and like other people without sitting on your phone?
What if you can answer all your comments in a row?
What if you can finally enjoy your holiday and just take awesome photos?

what if... happens when you follow this link.

Let me know what you think in the comments below about friends who take their instagram too serious! :)

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