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Original photo, no filter. Feels like we're going to lose the sun sooner than later. Each day that goes by it gets a little bit colder than the day before. Sure, we have nice days mixed in between but overall the temps are trending down. We're in the first week of fall, it's so beautiful out everywhere I look plants and trees, shrubs and flowers all changing colors and shedding their summer style. Time to put on our sweaters and winter coats, time to start collecting firewood for the fireplace. Time to start prepping for the holidays, before you know it they'll be here, always quicker than we imagined. In fact, it feels like 2021 has gone by really fast, but I feel like I say that every year just part of getting older. Another reason to soak it up, we aren't getting any younger.


beautiful flower picture I can see that its stigma and yeah season is changing