It's All About Perception.

in photography •  5 months ago


It is not death that the people are afraid of, it is getting to the end of life just to realize you have never truly lived.
People do not regret the things they did, but the things they did not do. The risks they didn't take, the adventures they did not encounter.

Go out and travel! Even the most simple places can be made special, it's all about the perception.

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Nice photo, the yellow stands great in the white wall

Nice photography like it and upvoted!!
kindly visit my profile thanks!

I totally love the concept of this picture, plus YOLO (you only live once), so live your best life.

Keep steeming,

So well said! I find it annoying when investing in traveling and traveling often people jealously comment on how lucky we are to travel often but to us it's just a question of priority, everyone makes different choices in their lives (when they can) and if you chose to buy a house we chose at this stage to explore the world. Just a different perspective. If the house is your goal then be happy about it :-)