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RE: How to create a "Click to Enlarge Photo" link ... in 13 clear and easy steps (Revised and Updated post)

Thanks alot @majes.tytyty You are really doing a great job I recently asked the same process in a comment how to creat photo to click it to enlarge
Thanks that you shared it
I always try to learn from every one post but in Reall means i learn from your post beacause you are doing work in reall mean , you are a great steemer
God bless you


Thanks for your complement. I'm glad you appreciate my posts, and also glad that I can be of help.

Please give that process a try the next time you upload an image. I'd like to hear if it works for you or not.

Dear @majes.tytyty I try to upload and i complete a little bit but i can not understand
9 – Hit “Return.” (This will create a new “Live URL.” Such a Live URL is necessary for the “Click to Enlarge” function to work.)
how i can hit "return" please explain it will not give me any "LIVE URL" where is return buttun to hit
please try to explain this "9th" point Thanks

es sure i will upload next same as you describe

That is also known as the "ENTER" key.

Ohh Thanks i will try again with the same procedure Then i will upload it

Finally i did it Thanks @majes.tytyty If you want to check please visit my blog And check thanks again

That's fantastic news. I'm glad you could get that function to work on your post.

And thanks so much for pointing out my error re the "ENTER" key. Our correction of that point will surely allow many others to also use the function with no difficulty!

Thank you so much
No doubt Communication always make good things

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