One way you can quickly increase your earning by doing lots and lots of curation If you upvote and comments//// A great Comment of @majes.tytyty

Hello ladies and gentle man Today i am posting a comment of @majes.tytyty in which he tells about how to earn quickly on ateemit because I saw that newbies faced this problem alot but always a communication give a great lesson and thoughts
one thing that i Feel that @majes.tytyty give a great and huge respones on a comment this was a reply that he give on his own post Always try to to learn from every one because first learning and then earning is a great way on steemit
If you want learn and earn quickly then follow @majes.tytyty because i also learn a lot from his pist and also from his comunication with us on comment box
For newbies he also give an advise to take [part in contests of photography and also in writing


If you like and learn from this Comment then Follow @majes.tytyty and resteem this for others


Hey @travellingwomen, nice post! I've developed a better appreciation for art and photos, so it's nice to see good content here on Steemit! Cheers

i believe that as well. i try my best to curate and comment as much as i can..

Yes @junebride I also check your blog so nice i follow you as well hope you will create in feature as well Thanks

Thank you @travellingwomen. I've actually been doing this for a while now. You're also making me realize that perhaps I should do 100 quality comments a day to boost flow of network..

Thanks for this. I have another tip to add to my #steemtips. It's really nice to read posts from others who give tips so we can learn how to make it here.

My concern however is my voting power as it is down to 40 lol!

I'm very honored that you pasted my comment for all others to read. I hope it helps everyone who reads it.

I always try to share good things an mostly i saw your comments that are very good and informative and good for learning so i pasted in my blog not only this i also pasted one more comment in my blog hope you will read it also thanks
I also try to read all comments especally from your post because some time i see new and amazing things that are very knowledgefull and have learning lesson
Thanks for reading

Cheers, and good luck!

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