Bring on Summer!

in photography •  2 years ago 

One of my favourite things about spring/summer is all the colours that start popping up! Having been born and raised in British Columbia this is nothing new to me, but it never gets old.

Victoria is one of the best spots this time of year. It's called the City of Gardens for a reason and it never disappoints! It is the most temperate city in Canada, doesn't get as much rain as its rainy neighbours (Vancouver & Seattle), and has cherry blossoms lining the streets as early as February. If you're still planning your summer vacation, consider this gem of city!



I'm getting a little homesick for Vancouver Island now...

Thanks for reading!

Jen 🍷


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Im pretty pumped about the summeer too! The warm weather is alread here and the sun is Beaming!

wonderful place and flowe

@travelingsomm popping up of the flowers colour in summer is nature of God.
I love this post very much.

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My favorite thing about summer is that girls show more skin...I'm just saying...

aaaahhhhhh. you sure are naughty....heheheh

Awesome Work!

I've verified that your photography is original, and that means it's so good that I had to check.

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muy bello

Beautiful! ❤️ I do remember Victoria having lovely gardens when I visited

Waaaaoooooo @travelingsomm
Cuanto me agradaría poder ir a la Columbia Británica. Sería genial.
Lo que si puedo decir es que la acera de la calle es un espectáculo. Me encanta el colorido, su orden y limpieza.
Lo consideraré para unas vacaciones.
Bueno que el clima no sea tan lluvioso.
Gracias por el artículo.

Such colors! I hope some day I have created this caliber of beauty upon my homestead

They look so cute and perfect. ^^

Beautiful photography beautiful city

Wow! That's some street gardening. Amazing. Great picture. It captures the vivacity of the flowers and the order and cleanliness of the street sprinkled in that blinding light that seems to command quietude.