Wasp vs baboon spider

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Wasp vs babboon spider.jpg

Imagine having a nemesis that is incredibly deadly, fast, strong and uses your body to breed (sounds like the movie Aliens where the baby eats its way out of the chest cavity). the stuff of nightmares!!

Wasp vs babboon spider 2.jpg

Well this is the reality for this poor baboon spider that was taken by a spider wasp and was going to be used to lay one of its eggs on the spider.
You would think the spider has a fighting chance when attacked by the wasp, but the reality is that this is not the case. It is a one way street to baby town! Poor guy.

The wasp will drag this spider which is often much bigger than the wasp itself, into a burrow, where it will lay an egg on it. the egg will hatch and then feed off the spider. The spider is STILL ALIVE and just paralyzed when it is taken into the burrow.
The wasp even kills ants and places them at the entrance of the burrow. The chemicals from the ants ward off other intruders that may want to get their paws on the spider or grub.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the pics...

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Not a pleasant fate.