This is a pure art.

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This is a art. It's a very beautiful and natural art.
One poet said:
The natural beauty of natural nature arises in nature. That creation is painful to anyone, nature does not care about it. This beauty of nature is not just for yourself or for others. What happens in nature in nature is only in the statutory rules. Man judges his good and evil by itself It can also be argued. If we say that people are nature's children, then nature is the nature of nature to look after nature. Or it can be said that the natural ability to accept whatever nature has for nature has given to humans. Therefore, the artist named Nature does not cause any beauty. Nature also creates beauty, man or artificial animals, which are also made of human beings. Maybe this debate can be raised in the case of the world. But all the beauty of the universe is just for the enjoyment of others? Everyday morning, the bright light that is spreading on Mars, what has created it, when will the man see it for him? It does not enjoy any 'I', but the beauty fails, but beauty is created.


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