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Guys, I am a boat man. So I present you 2 boat photographs today.

Sao Joao is a very popular monsoon feasts in Goa. The feast is dedicated to Baptist, St. John.

Like all other feasts in Goa, there is plenty of color, joy and tradition in this celebration. People decorate their boats colorfully and sail down the rivers singing and dancing in these carnival colored watercrafts. I just happen to capture one photograph of a carnival boat some time ago and now that it's monsoon here in Goa, I, find it fitting to post the picture of the same here.

and this is a random boat picture on the beach.

The boat man will bring you lot of boat photos in coming days. Enjoy :)

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This looks like a party of Portuguese tradition, does not it? In Brazil, St. John's Day is celebrated on June 24, also with many colorful ornaments.


@br-real, you got it right there. Portuguese ruled Goa for centuries and this is one of the tradition / feast that they left behind which natives still celebrate. :)