tanks on the moors ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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Rusty tanks , resting up on the north yorkshire moors , i like the colour of the rust and moss growing on them 

im not sure what type they are , but they date from different periods 

cold sentinels watching out across the moors

slowly sinking into the earth


Nice photos - I am very fond of such old derelicts, whether tanks, trains or planes, and scenes of urban decay.

I would be trying to get one running. Was a tanker in the US military stationed in Germany.

you would have to be a good mechanic

and have a few spare parts , LOL

If there are any engines still in them I figure I could get something going. I love to restore old engines for fun. I take some of the worst basket cases and get them running.

there iss one engine in it still it originally seems to have had two, one each track ? but the one left looks rough , next time im up there ill take a picture of the engine , although there's a little scout vehicle , a prototype i think that has quite a nice engine in it and also a few tonnes of cement unfortunately ?

The valve cover is missing on that one. Means its going to be pretty badly rusted. Looks like something huge ripped it up a bit too. The other tank may have had two engines. Hard to tell from the photos. I would go crazy there looking at all those vehicles.