grave stones in yorkshire

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there are a few grave stones you see that are a bit different , this one in the dales has a story written on it , about how the dead person was murdered , the stone is very old and weathered so ive tried to enhance it ,but its still hard to read in places 

 , John Moore of Gilling had been murdered on the road between Richmond and Aske. He was buried near his parents (south-east of the church porch) beneath a stone with angels' heads, an open book, hour-glass and inscription: 'John Moore, of Gilling, Brasier, 21 Jan. 1758, age 66, wife Elizabet, 1753, son John, Brasier, 1758, age 30'. The story of the crime is told on the reverse of the stone:

"Unto the mournful fate of young John Moore,
Who fell a victim to some Villain's power,
In Richm'nd Lane, near to Ask Hall, 'tis said,
There was his life most cruelly betray'd.
Shot with a Gun by some abandon'd Rake,
Then knock'd 0' the' head with a hedging stake,
His soul I trust is with the blest above,
There to enjoy eternal rest and love;
Then let us pray his murderer to discover,
That he to justice soon may be brought over."

But, says Shaw, the criminal 'escaped the hand of justice'.  

  a stone to the memory of William and Ann Wailer (1764) offers sound advice:

'Adieu vain world, I've had enough of thee,
But now I'm careless what thou sayest of me,
Thy smiles I court not nor thy frowns I fear,
My days are past, my head lies quiet here,
What faults in me you've seen take care to shun,
Look but at home - enough there's to be done'.