Finally my daughter is getting into photography // 💛📸❤️

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During our visit to Italy, I decided to show some photography lessons for my daughter on my b-cam.
Was really surprised that she picked it up very quick and was playing with built in camera presets by itself.
Was really happy to see her enjoying and having fun.
With my daughters permission 😁 would like to share some of her first photos on proper camera.

Photos done on my Panasonic LUMIX GX80
All photos original and used only some built in camera presets.

Hope you will enjoy watching photos as well like proud father 😎

Some my daughters photos: ⬇️⬇️⬇️










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Very nice! How old is she? My son also uses a Lumix. I think they are the best for children - and of course for many adults as well.

She is 8 already. LUMIX is really user friendly for beginners but capable camera as well.

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It's cool, when you can teach your daughter what you like to do yourself.

A while ago, my son joined me on a few photowalks, but after some time he decided, that photography, especially landscape photography is too boring ;)

Let's hope, your daughter don't think so and keeps with this beautiful hobby.


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Thank you 🙂

Thank you 😎

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Thank you @johannpiber, I hope she not gone get bored to quick and will be my companion 😊

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You're much welcome, @tomsmaid.
I do hope, that you are lucky and she accompanies you many times 🙂
My son prefers more action instead of just waiting for the sunrise or the sunset or watching a waterfall ;)

This is awesome

Thank you @ashtv 😊👍

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Growing the future photographer! 👍

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Hope so 😁👍

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