🔊cucumber fruit and its benefits, what are the benefits and its no benefit of this one fruit🔊

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Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh, the Muslims must answer this greeting! how are you friends steemians everything I care about and deeply respect me Hopefully you always give long life by the Almighty, and given the longevity also by his, And may his sustenance abound, amiin ya gods rabbal alamin, And for those of you who are working on this social media I pray that all what you aspire quickly achieved with the perfect and perfect,
![image]() On this very exciting occasion I will try to share or post about fruits called "Cucumber", Who does not know this Cucumber fruit, the fruit is green and interesting to taste, but few people like this one fruit, And I do not understand with such things, why there are still people who do not like this fruit, logically we can understand it, because this one fruit is not a lot of vitamins or nutrients contained in it, and the price is also quite cheap friends, let alone this fruit is not good if the food is raw just like that, But there must be complementary materials must be prepared so that the cucumber to produce the flavor we want it,
people in ACEH if they eat the fruit of course there are complementary, such as: * Chili *, * salt * and others as his, very much different from the fruits that I post before this, Namely posting before this, About the pomegranate, but if we see from the color is almost the same as the pomegranate, but this fruit has a slightly brighter greenish color in comparison with the pomegranate before, because according to the old aceh adage first, the word aceh like this: * "Hair may be black, but the mind remains different" Well! If we adjust to the topic we discussed tonight; Many of the fruits contained in the nature around us ranging from fruits that contain lots of vitamins, there are also fruits that we should not eat because it may be toxic or so forth, but only a few contained in the nature around us toxic fruit is, because it is so its fruit may be the same color with other fruit, but the taste is still different,
And the taste of cucumber fruit is not sweet friends, this fruit has a mediocre taste, ie not bitter, not salty and not sweet as well, And many people make this fruit to be Juz Juice, but the way it is very simple for us to make juice from this cucumber fruit, We live slicing it or we put it into a blender for us to make juice, And then it was the taste that once was mediocre now becomes a very special taste and very steady, it depends we treat the fruit according to our individual tastes perindividu,

And many also make this cucumber fruit in the make juice and serve for their families,
Because the cucumber fruit is not foreign to us, but depends on each of us, whether we like it or not!
I think it's just so and so that I can say, may be useful especially for my personal and so on for my friends who are in this social media steemit, and for those of you who have seen this post I hope to always follow me,
Hopefully all my posts do not get left behind,

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bertuss !!


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The images are a bit disturbing! Good day & Enjoy cucumbers! : )

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