Toorongo Falls Reserve - Victoria, Australia

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The Toorongo Falls are situated 118 km east from Melbourne CBD.

On my day off work I took my two kids to the falls to do some exploring. I soon found out it's pretty damn hard to carry a baby, camera and a tripod and of course making sure my other daughter isn't doing something too silly.
After few minutes of walking I realized that I had to go back to the car and leave some baggage behind ... tripod or the baby ...


No slow shutter photography for me that day :(

Canon 6DMkII + 24-105mm - f6.3 - 1/25sec - ISO1000 @ 29mm


amazing place

hmmm, was the car in a shady spot? Might have helped with your decision :)


Don't leave baby 😭 my hands are open, send babies to me. Love babies!

Wow greate photos

Awesome post, nice photos!

Awesome post, nice photos!

Nice pictures! thanks for sharing

Looks like some nice falls.