Rare Photo of Athens from 1879

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Hello everybody,

Here's an extremely rare photo of Athens from September 3, 1879, which means that this photo became 139 years old today.
40685168_2111400535776992_4791895140996218880_o (1).jpg

The photo was taken by an Athenian named Theodoros Metallinos. It was during the mid and late 19th century that Theophil Freiherr von Hansen and Ernst Ziller took part in the construction of many gorgeous neoclassical buildings in the city such as the Athens Academy and the Zappeion Hall.
Ziller also designed many private mansions in the centre of Athens which gradually became public, usually through donations, such as Schliemann's Iliou Melathron.

Other than the remaining ancient monuments in Athens that are of incredible beauty and historical value, I personally think that the GORGEOUS neoclassical buildings constructed from 1870-1920 are the second most awesome structures in the city.
AEROPA (1).jpg

Anyway, that's for today. Hope you all have a lovely nice rest of the week.

Cheers :)))))

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Zappeion Hall looks amazing. Athens deserves that and many more buildings like those. It must be a delight to walk those streets, to contemplate so much beauty. When i see in movies the digital reconstructions of the magestic buildings of old, temples and houses i can't help but wondering why that cannot be done for real. Some crazy millionaire should stop buying outrageously expensive cars they don't even drive and invest in the recovery of those treasures. That's just me being a dreamer.


Certain parts of Athens are truly gorgeous. And your idea sounds good to me. This way rich people could do something constructive with their money at least.

That is a great picture, worth preserving. Athens is in the list of places where I must go.


Let me know when you are coming ;)

τι όμορφη που ήταν τοτε η Αθήνα.... :)))