TimTravels - Sunny Days in Amsterdam Part 1

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Welcome back my dear Steemian friends! It's finally time to share my latest experiences and shots with you!

As promised I will start to post more regularly again. In the last two months, I traveled a lot and tried to take as many pictures as I can. However, I didn't find the time to edit and upload these. Hosting the MyPictureDay photography contest, traveling and studying takes most of my time. That's why I decided to collect my content and share it now with you. This way I can make sure to always have content to share with you and be more flexible.

Today we will start with a little city trip to Amsterdam! Have you ever been to Amsterdam? Fun fact: the very first SteemFest took place in Amsterdam

As you will see in the pictures below, I was very lucky when it comes to the weather. Clear sky, intense sun and no clouds at all! This is the beauty of the cycle: plants flower once a year and I was there during this time.

In all honesty, isn't life better with sun? At least it feels like to me. Smiling faces, people eating ice cream or just taking a nap on the city lawn. I can totally get used to it!

As for this post, it is part of a series of three. In part two you will see something extraordinary, if not crazy. Walking through the city of Amsterdam I came across a group of people doing some creative marketing. Somehow I ended up doing a shoot for their brand. But more on that in the next post.

Sit back and relax my photography and try to see the city through my lens.

Steem on my friends!

Yours, Tim

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Capturing the best pictures or mastery of photography is in the simplest of shots, like capturing a child playing a ball, vehicles in traffic, the smiles of laughing children. a building, tarred up streets with beautiful people, and you've surely captured Amsterdam in all it's beauty right here in this blog.

I'm a fan of your photography, I still remember the monkey shots in Bali, regardless this one blew me away my friend Tim.

Wow any next trip? I suggest Africa

Thank you so much my friend! Words like these keep me motivated. As for now I might visit Marakkesh soon

Wow marakesh? It's a fantastic place, very humid a little bit hot too, nevertheless it's amazing too, wow another one from you, I'd be thrilled

Hiii @timsaid really amazing stuff you collected while travelling. I think you enjoyed here a lot and all the photo shots are attractive no doubt. You used your photographic skills very sensibly and the result of your camera is outstanding. I love photography and thanks a lot for sharing and making a chance of trip here on steemit of Amsterdam city. I appreciate your Lovely work. LOL.

Thanks for the kind words! Actually I do nothing but press the button. Maybe there is some magic ongoing. Cheers and hope to meet you and all other Steemians one day!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Hahahaha what a wonderful & Lovely magic in your hands @timsaid. lol

Actually I do nothing but press the button.

Excelente fotografía, fascinante

Enjoy the city of Amsterdam, one of the most vibrant cities in Europe and also beautiful. Photo of the canals in the middle of town make me miss to go back there.

Photos of the canals will be included in the next post. Let me know when you go back to Amsterdam!

I want to go back around De Wallen, and visit Bronbeek. You see, when I went there in 2010, the quality of the photos I recorded very ugly. At De Wallen did not even have time to take photos.

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Amazing pictures and creative too! I liked the dog. I must say all the pictures are captured by a smart mind. Good job!

I know right!! The dog was so cute, wish I could take him back home with me 😂

I've always admired Amsterdam from the movies and these pictures just confirmed that it is indeed a beautiful place.. Beautiful photos..

I can confirm, Amsterdam is an amazing place to be

Is the guy in green shorts going to pee?? RIght before his kids and wife!? In the middle of the park! Wow!
Even the man on the bench is like "Wtf" He is really going to do it!? :d

Beautiful pictures. You probably could depict a story line or news with these pictures by just re-arranging them

I uploaded the pictures in a chronological order. Basically how I started my first day

I feel like I was walking the street of Amsterdam! I've never been there and hope to go there someday!

What a specticuler travel!
I.am.just loving it,
Sir what is the last day of your #mypictureday contest?


I have always wanted to go there, thanks for sharing the pics, they look great.

Photography in relation to traveling is like matchmaking a man and woman who are about to get married, the Amsterdam photos did all the talking for you even without the content, how i wish i was there with you, happy tidings any way

Some really great pictures! What kind of camera do you use?

wow great and thumbs up for your effort, stunning shots my friend i like the first one picture of a building. Good luck

Undoubtedly traveling is definitely one of the greatest pleasures we can experience in our life, opens our senses, inspires our soul, clears our mind, serves as a great motivation, besides giving us a great source of joy, reflection and self-discovery. Amsterdam seems like a wonderful place, I've never been there but I've seen in photos and movies all the magical hotels, exquisite restaurants, beautiful places to visit, the night and day life that city have
I hope someday to have the opportunity to know that beautiful city!
With your photos I have only reaffirmed what I already believed, and that it is a place worth visiting. Thank you for sharing your experience with me, and all of us, for a moment I felt I was on that trip with you!
By the way, if it's not too much trouble I wanted to invite you to read my posts. I would greatly appreciate if you take the time to read them, and in case you like them, I would appreciate it if you would give me a vote, a comment, or a resteem.
You have my vote, and I stay attentive to your next publications!

Thank you for this terrific trip through Amsterdam and the lens of your camera. It was one of my favorite places when I was on holiday in Europe a number of years ago. I loved everything about the place. Yes, the world does seem to be happier in the sunshine.

Very beautiful pictures @timsaid,Amsterdam another city that I want to visit,enjoy your trip and keep posting your beautiful photo.

The tour was indeed great and basically the Amsterdam viewed from here :)

While you sure are a lucky person in that day ;)

All the things seemed to be in your favor ;)

The images are indeed beautiful .Well never been to Amsterdam before but it sure is beautiful .

Will be looking forward to your amazing journey images !

Great pictures of Amsterdam, the city always looks good on a sunny day. The unique architecture, the trees and flowers make it more fantastic. Thank you for sharing :)

Wow great shots, you truly are a master with the camera sir. You got my follow, look forward to seeing more of your work. I can’t wait till
I have adventures of my own like yours.

The excellent shot was taken.

Your pictures are awesome, Love it!!!

Miss Amsterdam so much.. went last year in July and it was the best thing ever!


Mannnn I'd love to be back in Amsterdam right about now
Great shots @timsaid!

hey @timsaid My post upvote please I am a student help me please

You have some exceptional shots in here, amazing background, some filling fog and so many colors to draw the eye, thank you for some quality content!

ando visitando los buenos trabajos,y me detuve aqui. soy venezolano en una crisis grande, me motive a estar aqui con el objetivo de encontrar una ayuda economica con mis trabajos, eso espero contar con su apoyo y colaboracion , gracias y buenas tardes

Beautiful place, and great photography @timsaid

thanks for sharing this amazing moment.

@taniyakhan you're on the @abusereports naughty list!

Bad Steemian! Bad!

Wow .., very beautiful ...
Great photo..
Great post!
Thank you for sharing with us, great photos and interesting information ...