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Hello and welcome my Steemian friends to a new episode of TimTravels!

As you know I am currently in Spain and enjoy the fantastic weather, idyllic beaches and great Spanish cuisine which is known for its paella, tortilla and much more. Today we will make a litlle journey to Sa Calobra, a breathtaking mountain gorge in the north of Mallorca.

Since Mallorca is a small island we had a short drive from the south cost to the north. It takes you one and half hour to get from one side of the island to the other. On Crete it would take you 5 hours from east to west.

Standing between these walls of rock I felt small. The deeper we went into the gorge the less people we saw. We hiked for approximatily two hours and saw many waterfalls, caves and animals. Of all the animals I saw there was one I enjoyed the most. You will see it later!

Some people would perceive this incredible place as boring since there is nothing but rocks, stones and some plants.

I however could stay here for days probably. Nothing but raw nature, untouched by us humans. Climbing the walls, watch the water fall, swim in the ocean. The list is endless.

And here we see my new friend, steemy turtle! He was next to me and had lunch. Usually they tend to be retiring but this one came very close to me.

I hope you enjoyed this episode of TimTravels. Leave a comment and tell us where your next travel destination will be and what you will do.

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See you soon and Steem on,

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OMG. I know this place. I was here before two weeks :) Stunning view.

OMG I won a contest for the 1st time in steemit, yaaayyy. Thanks a lot @timsaid .
My next travel destination would be Manali - It is one of the best hill station here in India and I really suggest you to plan a trip to India.


Yes ,mnali was beautiful destination in india .
Long time ago Im going there.
Awesome place , love it.


after seeing the turtle pic i remembered this joke
Q: What does a turtle do on it’s birthday?
A: It shellebrates!


yes it is very nice place one nature rich place in india

Awesome shots as usual! Is is the turtle the animal you liked the most or did you also get to see a wild mountain goat?

Amazing, how do you find this places?
Thanks for sharing

Wow, you are finding some great places to capture some fantastic nature shots my friend. So jealous! I am currently stuck in Florida doing repair work to my house form the hurricane, but soon it will be all back to normal, and I can plot a new adventure.
How long will you be there this time?

Really awesome place..I would to visit it.

Spain is the great travel place..

Wao it's amazing to see your post. I love to visit that type of places

Nice place. Spain is amazing, last year we first went to La Manga del Mar Menor, near Alicante and we first tried the original Paella.
we did not want to go home again !!!
keep it up @timsaid
best wishes

wonderful.post of this day.upvote with resteem it

Wow. Breathtaking. I feel like this is the perfect place for me to go explore especially when it involves hiking. Maybe one day since going to Spain is my sons dream.

Fantastic episode @Timsaid as always fabulous and admirable photography
i also want to visit spain whenever i'll get the opportunity i'll definitely visit this beautiful country
Your travel journeys makes me want to travel beautiful places in the world...:D:)
all photography pictures are amazing no one is less than from the other one
Life is beautiful and there is so much to smile about..!!


Thanks, I'll go ahead and Follow you

I'm glad you enjoy the beautiful weather, it gives you a good state of mind when you are on vacation. In my country it rained all week. The pictures are great, I miss the summer.

Todo lo mejor para ti :D

Love your imagery :) A great post altogether :)

Excellent message, the photos turned out beautiful, especially liked the turtle. In a week I'm going to visit Prague and see the famous astronomical clock and Charles Bridge, as well as wander through the streets of the city. Thank you @timsaid

What amazing pictures @timsaid! I would like to have rock formations of that magnitude in my country and that turtle it's adorable!


Thanks, I'll go ahead and Follow you

Awesome pictures. Beautiful. Do you ever travel to Eastern Europe. Going to Prague and Budapest in November. Any recommendations? @timsaid

Shit this looks like an amazing place! Really jealous of you tim!

Wow stunning pic and fab blog thank u for sharing live Kirsty xxx 😍👌💞💋


Thanks, I'll go ahead and Follow you

Spanish and French Cuisine are harder to pronounce than to eat

Very nice pictures and great place to be

This is the meaning of stunning.

Amazing pictures , i love these palace very much
Thank you for sharing it ;))

Great pictures. Beautiful scenery.

Excellent message :)

Thanks for letting us know!


Thanks, I'll go ahead and Follow you

I love that pic of stone stacking! Awesome!!

Awesome and nice photo

nice post

Great travel photography


Incredible views and pictures, definately adding Mallorca to my list of places to visit.

im digging your logo

Nice photos.

Wow ....
Great post

Really the place is awesome. I really like the place.

Looks beautiful there! I'm headed back to the cliffs and coast of big sur next because I love it there! 💕 Can't wait because it always looks different depending on the weather/sun/fog!

Hi Tim, I love travel and photography! Nice post, followed and voted!!!

I love pictures, like you. Check my post please :)

Congratz, your post has been read, approved and resteemed by a human!

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Beautiful place! The turtle is so cute :) Great post :)

Awesome shots man - where's next for you?

Just followed and looking forward to seeing some more!

Thats a Beautifull Place @timsaid

wish i have those hands & keep upvoting such as this creative post and these are too good..

Beautiful Creatures ..i live the atmosphere. Love your pictures.

I forgot to mention that I really love how sharp and soft these pictures are :)

This place is unbelievable, purely nature.
I believe there is a lot of living creature there.
Very nice photo , upvoted.

This is a gorgeous place. Dreamy. Thank you for your share.

Wow hi man very intersting photography i like your work

i like reading your post @timsaid, keep it up. Spain worth traveling to!

Amazing place 👍

Wow lovely pictures liking your blog will follow 👍

ein schöner Ort für Entspannung...... klasse Bilder Tim.....

Beautifull & Nice Collections

Great photography of looking place. :) thanks for your posting
have a nice day.

You have an insight into the landscapes of Spain and are full of beautiful areas

What an amazing nature, even a turtle of a different color, not like us. You are having a great time.
I'm going to my homeland in Kazakhstan, to visit my father's grave.

Yes! I was looking forward to this one. Beautiful photos and that's a nice little lunch-time buddy there.

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i'm sure i'm not the only one who reads time travels first.

I like. Very nice photographys. Where I live there are good landscapes too. My post of yerterday speaks on it. You can check it

wow. That looks beautiful .. nice for hiking

very beautiful pictures! beautiful turtle!

I am fan of your photography. You show your talent man every time you post your shots.Seriously amazing

Wonderful !!!!
I love pictures,too.


Photo by @kakaotalk.

Very beautiful photography

Awesome pictures! Looking forward to make Spain one of my future places to visit.

nice place

Wonderful photos and I liked the accompanying story! 😊

great photography..

you may like also mine.

Amazing photos!

Lovely place and well photographed. I've been to Mallorca in the past and I imagine not many visitors see the place you mention as it's away from the usual tourist destination spots. Love the little tortoise. Pity tourists don't get there as it is remarkable. I have no immediate travel plans, my trips get fewer these days, but I enjoy reading other people's and yours, as I am following. Happy Steeming!

Nothing but raw Nature,untouched by us humans.

I love this , I could stay there as well and enjoy the cool breeze free of pollution and bio-gas. Nature is really amazing.

Cool and neat images. I like your little buddy as well.

Perhaps for me, the cliffs and the sea is the most powerful combination that touches the deepest corners of the soul. Maybe it is because both these phenomena are eternal, in comparison with the duration of human life. We are constantly trying to conquer them, at the same time bow before them greatness.

Thank you for this post, it gave me a lot of harmony today.

Looks like somebody is having pure, natural fun!! Oh! I feel so jealous right now...
The past summer I've visited so many lakes and rivers in my area and you reminded of those little getaways.
I hope you have a wonderful time in Spain! Don't leave it until your eyes can't get any more of this beauty! :)

Great post and awesome photography. Well done!

Never heard of this place, but seems fantastic!

Very envious!

Amazing pictures! Fairytail! I wish I could be there!

Every time I hear Spain, I'm reminded of my favorite player Nadal. And as luck has it, you are in his home island of Mallorca. Did you happen to visit Manacor as well?
I'd love to visit there one day, but for now I'm planning a trip to Mumbai for a friend's wedding next month. Hope things work out, getting a day off from work is a tedious process.

Such a wonderful place to visit when you have the time and the money to spend.

Fantastic Spain! Love how the rocks form!

Mind blowing views @timsaid !
Beautiful places !

wow very very awsome photos and good enjoy the travel 💕

very beautiful scenery

Beautiful pictures, specially the first one! I would love to be there now.

Thanks for the great post

really beautiful! This gives a new light to Mallorca as in Germany it is famous for the "Ballermann" so I never considered to go there. But this makes me change my mind! Thank you!

my dream job:) thank you for sharing.

That's really incredible great experience you had so nice to see :)

Am jealous right now. Hope to be in your place.
Nice picture and it was fun reading your article bro.
Keep it up

Amazing .....miracle...

Love the mountains

Beautiful gorges and mountains. I can't help but think about Hemingway again as I check out your photos of the rugged Spanish countryside.
“Dying was nothing and he had no picture of it nor fear of it in his mind. But living was a field of grain blowing in the wind on the side of a hill. Living was a hawk in the sky. Living was an earthen jar of water in the dust of the threshing with the grain flailed out and the chaff blowing. Living was a horse between your legs and a carbine under one leg and a hill and a valley and a stream with trees along it and the far side of the valley and the hills beyond.”
― Ernest Hemingway, For Whom the Bell Tolls

Amazing picture, good content, Welcome to Bangladesh. waiting for you...

What a beautiful place to visit! I love the photo of the stacking rocks. Did you do this yourself?

I would love if that turtle was on Steemit. I would follow & Retweet him everyday !

What a spectacular place! Staying in less crowded places yet full of gems of nature will truly give you a peace of mind.thank you for sharing your travel story.

These are nice exotic geologies! I have an important undertaking to discuss with you. Please contact me via discord: Ghost Push#2095

Great place... loved the pictures..!