I like how those things look like firework

Same here buddy. Iagree with your post about reward pool rape and I cited you on my post about it today, feel free to see it. Happy weekend.

good picture~

fuck USA!!! he uses it sucks, always making war on war !! live Italy and Russia!!

Amazing pictures! The city looks beautiful at night.

Some of these don't even look real they are so good. What Camera is this? Amazing. You got an upvote from Luke Steemwalker @investing. Follow me back, I love promoting Steem

It's the Nikon D750 if nothing changed

Haha i agreee, its crazy how nice they are

Awesome stuff, they look like paintings to be honest :o, btw were you using drone for the first couple of pictures? how did you captured them. enjoy x

No drones allowed in UAE. In fact I took the picture from the Burj Khalifa, I was on the tallest building on earth :)

wow lucky man good one

Ohh I didn't know that, there are more and more prohibition on drones.

imagine if they didn't have prohibitions, they would be flying into everything.Considering 50% of drone users are flying straight out of the box.

That's nuts!!

I remember once my friend said, at Dubai they have built a different world there and I was like ok I will see when I go there and after looking your pictures I think I am 23.67 per cent convienced.
I must say they made a good move to go for advancement otherwise no one would have known about Dubai if they had stayed to their old traditions.

Excellent photos Tim! I always enjoy your post.
Crazy how tall the Burj Khalifa actually is when you see the "small" buildings from above!
We'll be hitting the travel mode again next month and I'm pretty pumped already > Iceland here we come.
Enjoy your days in Dubai:)

There is so much to discover in Dubai

Wow. It's always been a dream of mine to go to Dubai. You've inspired me with these pics. Can't wait to see old Dubai.

It's just like the normal eye view... Impeccable

hahahahah at first glance I thought this post is about time travel.
Dubai is the best place to visit and this has the beauty of the buildings

these picture beyond the words really incredible sir

Hello @timsaid. I was really awestruck by your post. As an aspiring travel writer myself, I have often sought inspiration from others, and this is one such post. This is especially as it relates to your photographs. To call them stellar would be an understatement. I know many people are loath to give away their secrets, but if you could a novice like me would love some pointers. But it is not just the clarity of the pictures that have captivated me. The reach and angle has left me scratching my head knowing that Dubai doesn’t allow drones, at least I think so. The logical question then is; how did you get those shots? It’s fine if you don’t wanna reveal your secrets all I can say is these shots are really great on the eyes.

amazing photography @timsaid


Wow truly breathtaking. I can't still believe that this was once a desert terrain. It goes to show the feats that can be achieved with science and technology .

When are you here in India @Timsaid ? Also these are crazy pictures of Dubai

Dubai is such as beautiful place to go on a vacation, it really comes alive in these pictures, great shots i must admit! im sure it would be a wonderful experience

Amazing! I am overwhelmed from this pictures. The buildings, the lights everywhere..I am spechless. Moreover I am excited to see the article which will be published tomorrow.

Awesome photos, cant believe these photos are really... Very nice...

good travel photo dubai post and good coupel picture captured them enjoy

Wow so beautiful and amazing you have performed very good job

These photos are sick!!! Great shots. I’m new to steemit, trying to make friends in the photography scene. Have a peak at my photos @boyerobert tell me what you think.

Wow! Beautiful photos. Enjoy your time in Dubai.

Fancy as fck !!! Hope you're having a great time !!!

Dubai sangat indah dikala malam hari.. Kota impian semua orang

wowie, amazing photos

Great shots, those light displays are extraordinary

Dubai always been a touris much to take from it..👍 love the picture...especially the 6 one with palm tree 2 blue light tower and the original building....great click i have seen lately👌

Im guessing what is the electricity cost for that building in a night, lol

I have been only in Doha, but after your post I definitly want to visit Dubai too

Good photography

That futuristic city...
I can say for sure it's not enough just to look at the photos.
It should be experienced in real life. It's insane how beautiful it is :d

greetings from venezuela I follow and vote

Amazing shots. I love the crisp colors during the night shots. Good exposure.

Nice collection of landscape shots i like your clean style of images and also the way you've processed the colour on these.

Hello !
I absolutely love these photos-like looking into the near future. What kind of equipment did you use (if it's no secret) ?
Best regards,

nice click! wait for your next journey..

Beautiful photos, as the great Dubai that helped those fantastic portraits!

Its crazy how futuristic Dubai looks! Awesome shot!!!

Wow! Very Awesome. Well done. May I know what camera make was used? Thank you. Keep it coming.

I have been there last month.

Loving the pictures! You are an amazing photographer. I will love to vistit Dubai, it is a totally diferent culture. How is the food there?

It's amazing, I want to spend time in that city if I have money, I hope we can help each other. thanks.

Omaygad. The photos are beyondddddddd beautiful! Huhuhuhu! Ughhhh! I'm drooling! 😭😭😭😭

wow very nice pic

What a beautifull and charming place , looking so cool . I wish that I could travel dubai at late night 😍

Feast of lights. The best of Dubai at night caught in your shots. Awesome ^^

The picture is very hypnotic, incredible

Sir @timsaid your photography is great
I am also a photographer. Check my photography on @photostop

wow! this is a amazing city and amazing photos. I loved!

love the contrast in this shot man.

Another skyline I want to see, but the city seems without a soul for me ;)

Dubai is love and in the night time this city keeps on rocking

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These are astounding views, thanks @timsaid for bringing us to Dubai. Your pictures made me put this place in my travel list.

wow great and beautiful photography.

I especially like that picture of the building with the reflection vividly mirrored by the water.

Hey @timsaid greetings <3 I hope you are fine.
I just wanna say how the hell you captured these Amazing images,
I don't believe my eyes,
you are really a fabulous Photographer.

Nice post sir

Dubai is very beautiful place. All picture are like a post cards. Amazing instead of Dubai, there was once a desert with empty and desolate houses. And now the world's richest country. Hat down :)

Very very nice report! I like it!!

Amazing shots from the dubai you went to the top as well :)

Very Good Beautiful

excellent photography! enjoy traveling

When you want to travel but don’t have money at all.

Wish i was there right now.. Amazing photographys man, wow!

Suatu saat saya akan ke sini

Wow! it is so beautiful <3
Thanks for sharing these beautiful images.
Can't wait to see your tomorrow's post of old dubai.

magnificent photos!

Wow those are absolutely stunning photos. I haven’t been to Dubai but feel like I’m had a glimpse into it now. Look forward to seeing more photos from you

this is spectacular. gosh it is so lovely.i cant wait to visit dubia. i really really cant wait.

wow these are beautiful building and good pictures indeed, always a top job from you. Happy weekend.

Wow beautiful! Would like to go to Dubai someday

Wow!wonderful photography

try come to natural place, like indonesia hahaha
and i stay in takengon, little city with best view

ex :

Mind blowing architecture. Still can't wrap my head around the fact that this was once a dessert.

dubai is one of the most amazing places i have ever been to traveling to dubai always gives me an image of NYC in 25 years maybe lol.
i love NYC but seriously dubai is just too good i wanted to suggest you few places to go to if you are still there 1 you need to visit the indoor snow ski resort 2nd the tallest building in dubai please visit the Armani restaurant food is amazing . 3rd the best one is the desert safari i had amazing time there the camel ride the hookah the belly dancing and the food was just too good the whole experience is worth it.
4th make sure you visit the atlantas its amazing, dubai will copy a great project from any country and just make it even better then the original.
i would like to share a picture i took from 127th floor of Burj khalifa snap.jpg

oh my god! that is a dream world .i wish i could go there. who is zayed by the way (saw the picture in the building)

His name is Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan and he was a sheikh, he did great things for the UAE

sheikh means prince of UAE or president?

It looks straight out of a scifi movie.

Dubai is a rich country and has luxurious facilities. @timsaid.

The colours in those photos are incredible. Stunning. Especially the giant dandelions.

Dubai is really amazing and I hope that I will see it soon.

Omg burj khalifa looks stunning. You are a lucky man brother. You photos are just amazing. Lokks like vegas with all those lights

yeah you r right it looks like vegas but its not vegas

These shots are beautiful. :)

fabulous work man.

Thank you for the insight of such beautiful pictures of dubai. For many, it is a dream to spend even one day there.
Regards Peancy

waooow Amazing photo.

this is really excellent location .

very amazing place , and good for steemit , thanks for sharing.

Well, great, now I need to go to Dubai.... :D Thank you for sharing such gorgeous nightly views. You just got yourself a new follower.

If you're successful, it's important to enjoy it! There is so much to discover in Dubai. Dubai's a pretty powerful place. The tallest building in the world is now in Dubai, so nice photography @timsaid

Hola. Que nota. Dios me de vida y salud para conocerla. Ahhhhhh y dinerito. Gracias por las tomas que son espectaculares. Saludos

Amazing Post!
Keep it Up! 💯💯💯

Great shots! Dubai is on my bucket list.

The pictures are so beautiful!

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