TimTravels - Adventures in Bali: Rice Terrace of Ubud

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Welcome my dear Steemian friends to a new and exciting episode of TimTravels!

Those of you who follow my blog on Steemit already know that currently I am in Indonesia, more precisely in Bali. After I left Dubai, my way to Bali lead through a short stop in Singapore. It took me 6 hours from Dubai to Singapore and another 3 hours from Singapore to Bali. Although I still have some content from Dubai I will share with you, it's now time to show you some of my adventures from Bali. I simply can't retain these pictures from you.

Are you ready for some tropical flavors and wild animals? I bet you are!

First of all I wanted to let you know it was a tough decision to pick the pictures for the first episode of my adventures in Indonesia. I got some content from rice fields, monkeys, temples, beaches and much more! But in this episode we will start with the rice fields and a little preview for the next episodes, monkeys!

We went to Ubud, a town located in the uplands of Bali which is surrounded by rainforest and rice fields. It's a more traditional area and more natural. However, over the years the tourism settled down and is now also part of Ubud. The Tegallalang rice terrace is one of the most famous in the region and so I decided to make a stop there. Enjoy my view!

As promised here a little preview of the next post! I went to the monkey forest in Ubud and had the unique opportunity to see some wild monkeys in their natural habitat. Never before was I so close to monkeys and I have to say I love them! Why, I will let you know in the next episode.

Steem on,

P.s.: On the 28.03 we fly to Kuala Lumpur and stay there for a week. Any Steemians from there that want to hang out? Let me know!

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Nature brings contentment to our soul.

The images are indeed stunning ;)

Nature is indeed beautiful .The images the amount of green just mesmerizes the eyes :)

Really our world is a real beauty !

Agreed! So much beauty in our world to discover :) I visited this same rice terrace on my travels to Ubud, Bali your photos really bring me back to those happy times ! 👍💗

Beautiful comment..

this simply looks fantastic! Thanks a lot for sharing!

Beautiful photography of natural beauty.

It just shows how generous nature herself is . I cant wait for my next trip to bali (i have already made one short ). Looking at your picture i can say next is going to be a long trip . Thanks for sharing us amazing photos.

rice paddies look so awesome

such beautiful photography especially the rice field photos many tourist visit this island every year

Amazing photography

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

wow amazing photography sir

really nature is beauty

Wow, beauties of the landscape captured so skilfully.

Amazing photography

Amazing place! loved your photos! :)

I will PM you today about KL mate! You are going to love this!


Wow amazing post, and Beautiful Photography, i like it and enjoy it, keep it up, thanks for sharing.

@timsaid, where's your next vacation? I've no idea. You're such a great traveler in this steemit platform. Wow...You gotta go for Bali island. Amazing experience you've got. I've been only one time there that were amazing experienced I've received. If you come to Sri lanka you can see those amazing stylee paddy fields looks like Bali. Here's most huge Rice terrace indeed. You inspiring me with your traveling every where. Nice you decide to shared your travel experience with us.

This is exceptional mr @timsaid. Life is green..

Hi @timsaid ... welcome to my Country Bali Indonesia ... this is what I am waiting for from you. finally you arrived in Bali ... A few days ago I put in your posting comments that what you really going to Bali? now missed already. enjoy the beauty of Bali. if possible, I recommend you to come to Sabang Aceh. if you Want, Our Aceh Steemit team will guide you to the island of Sabang Aceh. I'm in Aceh. Please consider our request from Steemit Aceh...

Really great pictures! I hope we'll be able to take such good ones when we're in Ubud next week

wow so beautiful nature. i impressed of your photography........

Great pics, love the HDR shots up at the sky! I've always wanted to visit rice terraces because they look so cool, making the typography really pop. Seeing the pics definitely riles up my travel bug, lol.

wow.... superb photography... it's really looks like sri lanka(my country)...

last year I oernah visit ubud bali, I like the menu duck roasted food d restaurant D'warung, eat roasted duck while enjoying the green rice fields ubud bali

Very nice photography..you love photography..
I have the best photos selected in my 2017 world photo contest on my profile. I think you will love..

and show your generosity my friend and leave a good appreciation.. thank you..:)

Wow beautiful place..it seems like in Banawe Rice Terraces in Philippines..Thank you for posting it..what a wonderful place!

Really this great traveling.....I appreciate your natural photography. keep it up dear friend....

I was glad to have the drone with me so I could capture from different angles

I understood dear friend

Welcome to Bali Indonesia @timsaid...

enjoy the beauty of the island of Bali

Oh my God it looks like heaven. It is very very beautiful and green. I love nature and plants. It must be a big change for you, from Dubai to Bali. Dubai is artificial, while Bali is a real heaven.
Thank you for sharing these moments and enjoy your holiday :)

beautiful view.. if u like a beach and hoping islands
maybe u can read about Sombori Islands in sulawesi


I'm jealous right now, you're travelling to all these places.
Dubai and Singapore are two of the dream travel destinations. Don't know much about Indonesia, but I'll learn that from your posts.
BTW the photographs are stunning

Unfortunately I only stayed transit in Singapur for one hour but I heard many amazing things about Singapore

I've also seen and heard amazing things about Singapore.
Hopefully one day I'll be able to experience all that :)

Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… It remembers little things, long after you have forgotten everything.
Great capture of nature , it's feel like i'm getting freshness from the nature.
Those curve hills was really amazing and those coconut tress too. All of those just creating a real natural environment . So, it's seems like to me green land .
Thanks for give me a great pleasure with your amazing clicks .
Bless up @timsaid

Thanks for the great words! I totally agree with you, captured for forever. It’s our mission to keep the nature clean and alive.

Awesome photography! Am newbie here in Steemit, appreciating your blog... upvoted, followed you and resteemed...so, I can keep track of your journey...

This forest ia breathtaking
You took some awesome photos.
Hope you have enjoyed your travelling.
Some nice green fields plus the saturation and contrast are of best quality.
Field is just like hanging gardens
Good luck

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

Did you go to the monkey forest which is in the center ?
This is amazing, one of the best expierences of my life.
They are such smart, you have to go there mate ! Nice post.

Awesome @timsaid. nice pattern.. love it. after bali, try to visit west sumatera, there are many view of natures will amaze you

Many Theories say that those amazing nature's masterpieces were created by aliens because the rightness of the shapes is impossible with weak technology...The same case with Pyramids...How can 2 t stone be lifted on 100 m height? With levers, Ooh Nooo....!!!😷

beautiful photo

This is an awesome photography, nature is indeed so beautiful, it most looked like an artwork. First Class photography I must say, and those rice plantation is simply beautiful with the way there were arranged and planted. Thanks friend for sharing this with us, at least with this picture I can imagine what the place would look life in real. @timsaid, enjoy yourself and have plenty fun and please more pictures. I love seeing them.

Visited Ubud back in 2015 and must say it's a real treasure. Most people who visit Indonesia restricts themselves to Bali and m somehow happy that Ubud is away from all the touristy things.

The rice plantations make it really beautiful and those rooftop restaurants are the perfect place for those sunsets.

Nature At its best.
I have never seen This much greenery in one place.
It's really outstanding.
The place is full of fresh air.

Wow, it's beautiful to get a little natural after all the man-made life of Dubai. You see the contrasting thing between Dubai and Bali is while one derive it's beauty from skyscrapers and man made architectural designs, the other got it's beauty from nature.

I never knew that rice grows gm water. From the photos it's like your will need some stagnant water for rice to grow in. Wow, that's something.

Great work. The rice fields in bali are so impressive. Wish I made shots like that when I was there.

Have a nice day in Bali @timsaid
Enjoy my country . Bali is the great destination in southeast asia
sorry , I from Sumatra and it's far away from Bali . maybe next time you can visit my home town because has amazing place like Leuser Green Forest , Leonardo De Caprio , the Holywood star, he had gone there last year . I recomended for you . Welcome to Indonesia Tim :)

Wow..i like this photography..i appreciate this travel..

Welcome to Indonesia. Hopefully you feel at home here @timsaid. I live in Aceh, the tip of the island of Sumatera, Indonesia. If you have more time, you can visit Aceh. I’m so happy if you wanna come.

Unfortunately I will move to Lombok tomorrow. I would be happy to visit Aceh next time

It’s Ok @timsaid. Take care.. Have a nice day.

Wow.... 😍😍

nice photograph

Natural indeed the world is a beautiful place.

Very nice photography
I like it this photo
Thanks for sharing this travel......

viajar es lo maximo, y conocer destinos exoticos es aun mejor....grandes fotos

The beauty of this cannot be fully comprehended until you visit the place. What an amazingly beautiful place 😍.

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great selection of pictures. Tegalalang is awesome. If you want to see more Ricefields make sure to visit Jatiluwih Ricefields.

we´ve just left the island a few weeks back...been there many times. great island but needs a break from tourism.

Nice post. I like the idea of connecting with Steemians while traveling. Is there a better way to connect with the larger community? Sorry in advance for newbie question.

Wow I would like to be in that place, how lucky you are. In all things of nature there is something wonderful.

I would love to visit Indonesia, the landscape is amazing, I'm glad you enjoy the time spent there. In my country it's cold, it's snowing for two days. Have a great weekend!

Great view as always, I hope you haven't bumped into swarms of mosquitos :d

Wow.... What an interesting article... I love every line of this article... It's indeed an an exciting episode of TimTravels

I am one of the citizens of Indonesia, precisely in Aceh.
welcome to my country @timsaid, Visit to my place if you wish, i will take you for a trip to the Sabang island :)

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@timsaid You really knows how to be happy, nature it is the best choice, beautiful blog, esplendid. I will wait for the next part

Hey Tim. Awesome pictures! Enjoyed seeing them. If you are keen to know about the best waterfalls to see in that area, I have some advice. ;) Posts coming soon on my profile too

It looks like from another planet! Amazing!

I came here like 10 times to just watch that nature and relax my eyes.

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

My friend @timsaid Really your photography skill was just awesome all the nature photos i just liked it.
Thanks for share such a lovely photography :)
Please share those type of more photography with us!

These are amazing pictures Tim, so lush and green.. I have been wanting to go back to bali.. It's so near from Singapore yet, haven't got the perfect time to go back.. Love the drone shots!

Your amazing postings I see, read, enjoy and innovative, can add knowledge, thanks for sharing.

They are really beautiful environments causes to be there enjoying the greenery of a splendid nature. Congratulations…

It's so beautiful, the scenery is beautiful, and the monkeys at the end are cute, so remember to share more!

I seem it very wonderful!U5drsfYGZqTiyR9A9soPCsBv9aDeLfE_1680x8400.jpg

Very comfortable atmosphere to be occupied
I like the calm atmosphere of his village, not much noise from the industry and also the many trains in urban areas


the last pic is awesome <3

Las imágenes son realmente hermosas y me quede sorprendida al ver tanto color verde que parece que todo brillara, la naturaleza en todo su esplendor realmente sorprendente . Espero más fotos de los monos son un sueño.

owwo..so amaZING SHOT YOU HAV CREATED...I LIKED IT SO MUCH.....all the picture is so much interesting....best of lick for thise post....@timsaid

yes it's a beautiful sight, because the beautiful rice fields are on the hillside

your post is very good.
you do not know me yet. I am a newcomer to steemit. but I know a lot about you.
you are a great person.
i need support from you. thank you

Thanks for sharing the breathtaking pictures with us. I am really amazed to read out your experience and to know about Bali. This is on my bucket list now and if I am not bluffing now definitely most of the people who had read your post and have a travel junkie in them definitely wanna go their.

I too definitely wanna give a shoot to this place really soon.

Great pics and post - we have a drought in Cape Town so looking at all the beautiful green in your pics was a window into a place I love.

Nice nature

Can you upvote me.

Life is beautiful

Vote back dear

Beautiful photography, the view from the top is just insane.
I'm jealous, you've got such an exciting life.
I'm still waiting for your vlog series, they were funny lol.

NICE RICE ;) just kidding....stunning photos!!

Yes, it is rice fields or what does the people growing?

LG Harald

very great photo, very nice and good place in bali

always miss this place!! amazing picture

Wow. Lovely picture I can't stop looking at them it's very beautiful.

Awesome photo's from the Bali area. thanks so much!
Thumbs 003.jpg

My favorite place in Indonesia is Bali. Bali is a place where you can have a vacation, but you can have your own moment as well. You feel like you blend with nature - and I love the beach.

Rice is great if you're really hungry and want to eat two thousand of something.

Comedians are the monkeys of acting. When you go to the zoo, everybody loves the monkey exhibit.

Nice photos. they deserve an award. It is very nice. great work

All of your photoes are so beautiful and natural. I like natural beauty. Thanks for photoes.

our country have more than beauty pictures place more than your pictures.

Astonishing photos! Beautiful colors. Thanks for sharing with us :)

Thank you for sharing! Great photos!

I am just about to start planing my trip to Indonesia. I was totally in love in Philippines and have no idea what to expect here. Waiting for your posts :D

Hi, Beautiful photos....looks like paradise! Will follow for sure.

The last photo was a surprised :-) lol

You should have stop-by in Singapore for a longer time buddy.

Very classy

The place is amazing! I have been there last year. Thanks for sharing.

I was there in 2010, loved it. one of my favourite places. if you get a chance, head to the island of flores (furthest east in the archipelago). The port town of Labhuanbajo is adorable!

Nice work
My hobby is taking pictures come to my blog