TimTravels - Adventures in Bali: Monkeys of Ubud Part 2

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Hello and welcome back my Steemian friends to a new episode of TimTravels!

If you missed the first part of TimTravels - Adventures in Bali: Monkeys of Ubud Part I recommend you to catch up! The last weeks were pretty busy for me: university, traveling, being sick for few days and preparing some fresh articles for Steemit! But luckily I am back again and have to show you what I experienced during my trip to Indonesia, Malaysia, Dubai and many more countries.

Today we go back to Ubud and visit the monkey forest. It is the most densely leafed forest I ever visited and the best thing about it? All the little monkeys that were lurking around, waiting for the perfect moment to steal your food!

As already mentioned in my first post there are some rules you should consider when you get close to wild animals. Never look them straight in the eyes, NEVER touch a baby! The mother most certainly will become mad at you, trust me you don't want this to happen. Do not carry any plastic bags, they know you will have some food in their and they will try to take it away. Oh and they love smartphones, glasses, hats, everything. Just respect the animals since you visit their home and don't give them the chance to steal anything.

Sit back and enjoy some of the shots I made during my stay in Ubud.

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Thanks for sharing it. I remember my experience when I visited this place a year ago. This my friends on Bali, Indonesia and I can say almost all of them are good people. But accidentaly I often step on the food outside of their door because they are hindu, lol.


Amazing and wonderful shoots! Does the monkeys take away the food in hand? just curious.


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Very nice .. well done for these pictures
I liked it, great work
Thanks for sharing

amazing trip...

Cute monkeys....:)... Be safe!...

happy monkeys :)

Monkeys really have no shame. Swinging their dongus to the right and to the left lol!))
Just like me when I was a baby.

YOUR PHOTOS ARE SIMPLY AMAZING, waaw bravo 👏 keep up the good work!


Thanks Victoriya! I appreciate and steem on!


I have followed you, your photography and journey is incredible!

  • have a great day and greetings to you :)

Monkeys are very intelligent and smart animals, I used to have one when I was much younger. Beautiful photography and thanks for educating us both in pictures and in writing on how the monkey forest in ubud looks like.. Enjoy you stay there and I wish you best of luck in our future travels.

They are really cute... Upvote & Follow! Best wishes from Germany! Make sure to check my travel posts as well.

This is an excellent thank you for sharing these beautiful moments in your life and I wish you success in the daily work in addition to healing and health perfection and at best the changing climate must be the cause of disease
This experience was unique to the animal that it was nice to do if handled well

Very special photography
You are a really professional photographer
It 's a fun monkey I love to play with monkeys


Thanks! You also have great shots

Very nice pictures, well done mate

I saw this animal in a movie with very cut acts
plase follow me and vote for vote

great photograpgy
just awesome

Very nice and relaxing to feel in the middle of nature - surrounded by dozens of monkeys just as funny as unexpected.Great shots..Thanks for sharing this awesome pictures.

Wow is wonderful, Bali is fascinating I would like to know it

Nice photos :)

how sweet! monkey is very clever.

Amazing photos @timsaid

OMG! They are adorable! I love the little Mohawk :) what little characters and what a treat you had to meet them in the monkey forest!

Super cool monkey!! Definitely need to follow your Instagram! @timsaid

Cute monkeys! Good photos @timsaid. I hope to see more of your travel journeys.

your every photography is very nice.I think you love travel with photo.this monkey is very funny.i like to monkey
Thanks for a nice post

It all looks very familiar to me. Great to see the monkeys again.

Awww. I love the shots of the monkeys. They are so cute. It looks like they are up to something. Little trouble makers.
And the nature looks so beautiful. Would love to go and check this monkey park.

Monkeys always surprise you with their moves! You never know what they are gonna do next. They mostly copy your actions as their brains are very similar to humans. The last picture shows, it was already prepared to be captured! Lol did you ask to get settled for the selfie? :P

Cool photo !!!

If a few days ago it was part one I almost did not remember it, I really do not like getting close to the monkeys, they give me a little fear, as you say you have to have your rules or have your rules to get close to one, so I prefer Enjoy your photos that are very good indeed

lovely monkey...hope you have a good time there

Good to see how monkeys do barbeque, LOL.

WOW ! Amazing photography. You are a great traveler.

@timsaid i went to Bali at the monkey forest...and was just so surprised when a moneky snatched my snack from my bag😂

Adorable photos. They take me back to Bali.

Upvoted and followed. Keep it up 😍😍😍😍

Adept travel lover like you @timsaid but as a student that seems impossible for now. I do love your photos a lot and follow up on your MyPictureDay contest though i have never won (probably due to the fact that the winners and participants use better cameras not smartphones).

Anyways happy travels sir @timsaid

Nice photo's. Looks like it was a great adventure.

wow a very unusual travel friend. a funny monkey

Amazing Photos. I have been to the Monkey Forest in Ubud last year. Was a great experience. Although I got scared when the moneys tried to come closer. Infact back home, a bunch of 6-7 monkeys visit our place almost everyday. They have also entered our house and swiftly taken some banana kept on the table.

Love the light in your pics so much, amazing work!

A very smart and intelligent species, people in India also worship them in the form of Lord Hanuman

Hi @timsaid! Really an interesting story + amazing pics! Keep up the excellent work. Will follow you for sure, because it is
a pleasure to read your posts.thumbs.jpg

Hold on man!!! Was the monkey cooking? Ah!! That's just cool. I've never actually seen a monkey before only on the screen.

Yes, you should put that in bold. Never ever try touching the young ones of a wild animal even for birds. They can turn so aggressive because of that.

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Great photos. Maybe you should try to visit Tarsier sanctuary in Bohol, Philippines too. You can see one of the smallest monkies in the world and they are really cute.


ARe you the same @timsaid who is the brand ambassador of Appics?


Glad to hear that!
Sir, i want to ask you a question?
can i proceed?

Postingan bagus

Great photos. I never made it to Ubud, but I was able to visit Bali on many occasions when I lived in Indonesia.

Thanks for reminding me a place that my fmaily holds dear to our hearts.

We must not look into their eyes but they seem to like the attention and being photographed :D Good thing the monkey did not snatch the glasses of the guy he is on top of. The second photo the monkey must have found something interesting because he looks happy. In the last photo, the monkey king has an aloof and proud attitude.

Damn !!Your framing is Hella clean .
Bali is fun and the rice fields please post photographs of it if you are visiting.
By the way did I tell you how big of a fan I am of yours ?
I would love to have my work reviewed by you.I am also a photographer from India.
Please check my stuff if time allows.
Below are some of my works

wonderful photography. Take this picture below myself.

Me encanto tu Perfil hermano, saludos desde Chile!

Tim, I love these portraits of the monkeys you met in Bali. Is the first little guy there cooking?!

From a fellow photographer to another, I just have to say that you're killing it !!! Would love for you to check out my posts @itsadel and let me know what u think. Love your posts and keep it up

WOW!!! What awesome travels you have had. Great photos---oh my, what a journey!

I've extended you an invitation. I hope you'll accept. Excited to see some of your amazing photos in B/W!!!


Thank you for sharing your experience in Bali! The pictures are really nice and I like those cute monkeys. I can't believe that next month I still be there. Can you recommend where to stay in Bali, beside Ubud?

I love Ubud. I spent my childhood in Kuta. I remember when i was in elementary school, the teachers took us to the Monkey forrest in Sangeh. The monkey were so cheeky. They even took my teacher’s eyeglasses.

I hope everything goin well there!