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Hello and welcome my Steemian friends to a new episode of TimTravels!

In the last episode of TimTravels we saw the stunning mountain gorge in the north of Mallorca, Sa Calobra. Today we will visit the east of Mallorca and see perhaps one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Never before did I see such crystal clear water yet being so blue. Cala de Moro is known to be an oasis where you will forget time and any worries.

Let us go forward together and explore the beauty of Cala de Moro!

A panorama picture I took with the iPhone 8. You might notice that the sky is not as blue as on the other pictures. This is because I took it on another day. But guess what? Even with a cloudy sky this place is phenomenal

There is not much that I can say since this place left me speechless. Usually you will find these kinds of places in some travel catalogs and end up in a place that looks totally different. Cala de Moro promises nature at its best. The whole area is under nature conservation and lucky the people keep it clean. I saw no garbage and many waste bins. Big thumbs up for everyone who cares about keeping nature clean

Cala de Moro is also known for its high cliffs where people occasionally jump into the water. Unfortunately, we didn't jump into the water there since we saw too many red jellyfishes.

I totally enjoyed this beach and can recommend it to everyone who will visit Mallorca. Bring some proper shoes with you since the way down is a bit tricky and requires you to climb - it's worth it! Tomorrow I will visit a cave called Porto Christo. I'm excited to take some pictures there. Won't be that easy since it's very dark and I avoid to shoot with flashlights.

My travel video is still in the making. It is harder than I thought to make a good cut. The problem might be that I have an overly high achievement motivation but a lack of experience in shooting videos. However, learn by doing right? Every time we repeat something we become better at it.

See you soon and Steem on,

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@timsaid you said you lack experience in shooting videos, But the kind of images I am seeing here, I would say I am more than excited to see your upcoming video. By the way, Do you have a youtube channel, where I can see some of your works.


Actually i agree the photos are stunning and beautiful and have depth and clarity, this is awesome work



@timsaid. It is hard to believe that you are not a professional. Is your stuff being published in other places? This is impress. What advice do you have for someone like me who is interested in photography?


Only on steemit. Maybe I should try to reach out lol. And my advice is: keep doing what you love

Genuinely some of the most beautiful pics I have seen on steemit

These amazing places. Photographs so truly convey the beauty of nature. You are a professional photographer.


Wouldnt call myself a professional photographer. I just love taking pictures :)


You are good at it, so there is talent. Thank you.


Wow!!! very beautiful and awesome photography@timsaid. These ones are wonders of the world gods gift us. You are really talented and skillful photographer looks like professional.


they make you wanna go out on a holiday,

Beautiful place and well captured photos. Nicely written. Really hope I get to see and write about this place one day.

What is your next holiday destination?


Lisbon, Steemfest!


Great, I'm looking forward to seeing your photos from Steemfest. I would have liked to be there :)


I'll make a post everyday at the Steemfest


See you there. Thrilled to have discovered that it is on.

Are you a professional traveler or on a very long holiday? :)


If anything then I am a Steemian traveler. Steemit makes it possible to conquer the world.
In return I try to give as much back as I can and take pictures and videos everywhere.

Comments like you motivate me, thanks for being here and taking your time!
Steem on my friend


It's great your answer is really impressive. .


That's awesome, for now I only dream of that sort of life style, but it's inspiring that people like you can prove it can be done. Thank you for the encouragement :)
P.s and thank you for the upvote, appreciate it


his whole life is a holiday hahaha 😅

I was here one month ago... Ahhh.. good to remember:) 🔯

Oh yeah, great story and beautiful photos, Sa Calobra is one of Mallorca's best attractions. This is the most beautiful bay and beach among the mountains and the insane mountain serpentine that leads to this beach. It is this road that has the so-called "tie knot". In general, this is one of the most beautiful places in Mallorca. Thank you @timsaid


Awsome pictures, thanks for sharing

I'll be travelling to Gili islands in the next few months to do my Dive Instructor training! Maybe i could post nice underwater pictures and tell you guys about my experience? What you think? :)


that is a good idea sharing your experience would want to make some of us try those new place. you become our guinea pig of travel, am a traveller also and would like to try new places , if you present a good impression of the place then am in

absolutely great photos, i like the one where you are standing in the middle and taking in the scene, this would be a place i would want to visit in my bucket list Cala de Moro

Wow wow wow those are amazing photography! I think I lost my breathing for a moment! This is amazing! Great photography and great travel you shared with us!


So beautyful, is kinda private or less know right?
Thanks for sharing this places


It's pulic and well known

Hiii @timsaid, awsome and attractive photographs of such kind only take a talented and professional , I impressed from your these pic which are really heart touching, love that, thanks for sharing your new "Tim Travells".. I fully support you by. ,,,,,, FOLLOW,,,,, UPVOTE,,,,....... dear if you have some time then kindly visit my recent post, I hope some positive support from you,,, Thanks a lot,,..

Very nice picture, like it allot
Greetings @timsaid

giphy-downsized (9).gif

Wow! that's a really amazing place.

Hi Tim! Cala de Moro is one of my favourites. Have you tried Cala Varques yet? A gorgeous little cala not so easily accessible from the main road (20 minutes walk through the woods) which makes it even more worthwhile. A short walk away from the beach is a famous rock climbing spot (great place to practise your photography skills)


Yes! I have done pictures there. Check the last post! ( I know I said it’s only Sa Calobra but I put the picture it the cliff jump there too)


Cala Barques is up north

Cala Varques (pronounced 'Barques'!) is east coast, not too far from today's featured Cala, and the Caves :)

I love these photos my friend and know why you love it as well. these colors are amazing. It makes me think about buying a house there, that is if the internet is good, lol . You really have sold me on this place. Great job, my friend.

You really incouraged me to go and see spain.
nice pictures.

really awsome photos, expecially the ones from up with your fees, artistic!


Ha! Thank you my friend :)

Lovely photos. Amazing travel. thank you!

Wow, awesome pictures!
Mallorca is just beautiful :-)
I was there too this year. I hope you keep enjoying and steeming your trip :D

I visited Mallorca 10 years ago.
Now I See this Photos and i sure will go soon.
Thanks You friend!!

Beautiful pics.

This is really beautiful, the waters look so clean. This I have to add to my to-go list. If I get in that Water, they would have to drag me out cus I'm not leaving it once I'm in lol 😂😛

Wow, this place is beautiful and it is one of the best place have ever seen, I wish to travel here also and see the blue water but I can't climb the cliff.. I might fall, it is too high. Haha

Really looks gorgeous out there! Just amazing scenery but also a good eye for photography ;)

Great #Travel blog. I like Mallorca - I think Rafa Nadal (The #Tennis player) is from there; in fact, I am sure. It's definitely BEAUTIFUL Pics you took.

Enjoyed a lot your imagery. Look forward to seeing what Pics u take of the #cave - Porto Christo.

Cool #NATURE shots !

Amazing country, amazing photography! Thanks for putting STEEM-logo on Cala-de-moro. One engraving logo for @timsaid, one giant leap for steem-community.

Nice. Somehow we missed this one during our recent trip around Mallorca


beautiful places

Amazing and beautiful photos!

Very nice photos and beautiful water. Looks like a nice quiet place. Only downside is that there is probably no many waves for surfing in those coves.

Perfect shot I guess as far I am concern about your huge photo. it's maybe your a professional one and of course it might be because of beautiful nature in your subject. it's help a lot because like my experience the beauty of perfect shot is in the help of beautiful place on nature. @timsaid lol I up voted this nice amazing post love it it's make me fresh looking those lovely picture.


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Nice pictures.. read good photography

Amazing photos @timsaid, the colors are breath taking!
Hope you will enjoy Steemfest, I can't go myself but my brother and his wife will be there :)

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@timsaid amazing pictures. Will wait for your next travel log. Keep engaging us.


I hope I won't disappoint you! See you

Hello Mr Timsaid
Your pic is very lovely. You click it with your i phone amazing , it seems u are a professional photographer.

That is stunning! It looks just like a tropical beach, but less crowded and more secluded. :) Hope that you posting here, doesnt bring in too many tourists. Its like a hidden gem.

These amazing places. Photographs so truly convey the beauty of nature.Grate photographer...

Wow, awesome pictures!
Mallorca is just beautiful

What a gorgeous beach, the cliffs are especially astonishing. Looks like it would be a good snorkeling spot?

Yes, making a video is quite hard I always struggle with keeping the camera steady. Most of the films I take are really shaky! I'm looking forward to seeing your video and the posts from steemfest!

Ohhh dear god... I want to be there now 😓😓😓 such an amazing place to visit. Mr Tim you have to stop ģoing to that beautiful places and make us jealous lol

Super awesome as always Tim! - even without the drone 😜 the water in the second picture is crystal clear like a pool.

You should add your travel posts to the new @steemitworldmap, just drop in a short tag with lat/lon - super easy - I have a bunch of my posts on their now. 🌏

beautiful photos! upvoted!

Beautiful photography

Looks amazing, dope pictures ! Traveling is the best thing one can do. Blessed journey and thank you for the share. Steam on!

me encantan estas imagenes muy linda la naturaleza

Nice photos and blog @timsaid. Upvoted.

It looks amazing how iphone 8 produces very stunning pictures. It looks like it was taken with a DSLR camera

Loveeee the pictures! This place is amazing <3 You and I both my friend! haha I just got back from a trip to the south of Spain and Morocco and I'm hoping to release the video soon, but I'm so picky and there is so much content haha Greetings from Florida!

I am amazed and inspired by your photography skill. It's absolutely stunning and I wished I could have photography skill like that. May I know what camera you're using and the lens diameter?

If you're interested, please check me out on @explorernations
I am also a travel and food blogger.

Looks like one of those places people might like to go mountain biking on! Personally I would love to skydive into a place like that

The place does indeed look amazing as ever and no wonder the images seems to be perfect buddy .A perfect place to visit .

These photos looks so tempting , thank you so much for such an amazing pictures . by the way have you been to PHILIPPINES ?

A truly stunning and breathtaking place! Your photos are just incredible! Thank you for sharing this wonderful spot with us! blue_heart.jpg

Excellent post, very well articulated. thank you so much.

Nice place and amazing photography.. Will definitely visit this place.. Thank you for providing the information..

Good beach...

love the texture on the close-up of the rock face!

Great photos! I'm trying to do something similar - posting stories and photographs - as well to hopefully be able to fund my future travels as well. Any tips? Is Steemit alone enough to support you?

Can't believe that you aren't a pro photographer. These are insanely good.

Really amazing photos. Thanks for sharing :)

Great pictures.Thanks for sharing.

wow, amazing..

sooooooo nice post .... i loved it ...

Such an exotic place truly a hidden gem of a place on earth a beautiful place to hangout :D

Wow, great pics! Had no idea it was that beautiful in Spain!

the water look so stunning, I wanna go.

Nice pics the Cala is at 30' (by plane) from my city Barcelona, excellent spot to relax and fish :)

Wow that looks amazing!

This was such a beautiful post! I had to resteem it (even though I didn't know what resteeming was and had to go research!). Just incredibly beautiful shots.

nice pictures ! I'm giving you a follow :)

Wow! Our world is so beautiful!! You are lucky Tim! You got the opportunity to explore the world. But most of us are stuck in our office and enjoying the view in computer screen.
Anyway, this is really really wonderful place to visit. I think , after reading and seeing your picture, some people will be interested in visiting the place.
Continue sharing your adventure with us.

Very Beautiful pictures! Upvoted and followed! :-)
Thanks for sharing! :-)


Such a pleasure to see all your fantastic experiences.

Have you been to Pakistan and Dubai yet?

Nice photography!!
its cool!!

The beach of Calo des Moro in Mallorca: a little corner of paradise!

The beach is a little further down. And as for the road there are several accesses to get there. Indeed from the street Carrer de Calo des Moro, through which you will necessarily pass to access the beach, there are 2 options. There is a path that goes to the left to go down to the level of the chicane of this street. And there is a road at the end of this street, which consists of descending by a staircase that leads to the Cala s'Almunia. We opted for this solution!

Those photos are fabulous. Really gave me the idea to go to Mallorca again. It is about ten years since I was there. It is a beautiful country.

Congratulations for your pictures! I love take picture as well and of course travel. Hope one day to be able to take high quality photos like yours!! And visit Cala de Moro for sure one of the best bay in our planet!!