MyPictureSunday#5 - A lovely day in Hamburg + Steem Final Voting!

in photography •  2 years ago

Hello my Steemian friends and welcome to another episode of MyPictureSunday!

Today I was off with my girlfriend and enjoyed the great weather. Blue sky, sunshine and fresh air is what makes me feel alive. I love to be outside and have some walk. A healthy mind can only be as healthy as its body.

















Steem on BTCC final voting

Please take a second and vote for Steem: Link to vote here: As you can see above, I found some more luck for us :)

After 5 hours of walking we were really hungry and decided to get some food. Few months ago we went to Thailand and we really missed the Asian kitchen. So we headed to a really great place for Asian food. The restaurant is called Green Papaya and have authentic and delicious Asian food. If you are in Hamburg and want to eat, go there!

And let me know. I will join you!IMG_4565.JPG





Hope you had great weekend too! Let me know what you were up to and see you soon!

Steem on,

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Alright captain! I am preparing the next adventure


Can't wait!!!!


I love all the colors, am i right


Thanks for taking us on such a scrumptious visual and literary tour. Namaste :)

awww man is that red curry??? Gosh you are killing me... I love thai food


Yes! Man I love any Asian food ❤

My mouth is watering. Great post!


Mine too.


The food looked so warm and inviting i actually reached into the monitor for a bite lol



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Beautiful delicious looking food!


You should give it a try!

Nice day @timsaid, voted on twitter for bitcoin


I hope you mean Steem :')


Of coursee

A hollow tree and still green and blooming!!!!!


Nature is beautiful, right? :)



great, photography the place and food

A photo that is so satisfying eyes, incredible views. The photos are pretty good. You are great @timsaid



Beautiful post@timsaid

Hamburg ist immer für eine Reise gut! great Pictures !


Stimme ich dir zu! Hamburg meine Perle


muss ich mal wieder hin, war jahre nicht da....

Oh I love the hollowed out tree! Your pics are beautiful! Following :)


First time I actually saw a hollow tree


I like the tree very cool.

i kind of miss Hamburg though I am not familiar with the side you portrait in here.


Oh then you would miss it even more

Eyooooo Budddddeeyyy😎😎

Awesome pictures!
The food looks good too!

weekned was great i hope yours also, steem seems overtaken by ETC , yeah right the clone coin

Nice place! Nice food!

Four leafed clover hey! You don't have any Irish blood in you by any chance??


Was just lucky to find one. Actually my lady found it

Best photo dude! You already present Photo representing nice n beutiful photo, you have incredible photo result. Photos as you want, do not others want, except product photos requested the client. photography is the Arts, so to work as you see fit. Well done. Keep doing your best bro.


Wait until my new camera arrives!


nice! upvote @elevator09

amazing post:)

Four leaf clover?? Lucky you! Hamburg looks lovely!

Check out my latest post:

So beautiful! I would love to visit one day!

Wonderful images, the food looks fantastic. X


The food looks yummy, lots of veggies, time for me to cook some thai food these days. I will follow you for the food and travel tips, feel free to follow back :)

Hamburg, my home, my love :-)

Great pictures, seems like an amazing walk. 5 hours! How many kilometres was it?


Approx. 20km this day :)


Wow! no pain in the legs?! Curious to see your next tour. Have a great week!

Wow beautiful work UPVOTED if you can please stop by and help spread the steem on my last post i did with Kodak it would mean allot!

Amazing photography! woah! I hope I can take photos as good as these! :)


I'm sure you can! :)

very nice pictures. Thanks for sharing your travels.

Nice... Hamburg is calling.. voooom!
Kindly followback @timsaid

The big rock in middle of nowehere is pretty cool :D

Gorgeous as always timsaid :) upvoted sweetie when you get a chance check my latest work thank you!

Nice picture sunday! Also, lucky you with the clover. I have never gotten the 4 leaf one, ever.... :o(

Very beautiful Hafenstadt , enjoyed it thanks. You can also check out other Hansa city,

I always loved any Thai soups specially the ones with chili! Makes me drool seeing those. :D

very beautiful and nice post

Friends give me suggestions so that I can increase my guidance I am jealous to see your post ...... you are so creative please teach me friends ..


Stay who you are and do what you love

Ich liebe Hamburg, habe selbst 4 Jahre in Lübeck gelebt :) schöner post <3

A healthy mind can only be as healthy as its body.

Very well said @timsaid!
What impressed me most is that you are still wearing "Steemfest" wristband!!!!!
Are you going to wear it until Steemfest II, lol?


Until? I will never take it off

Great and diverse pictures of Hamburg. you even found a Four-leaf clover so luck is on your side haha. Steem on !

cantik sekali pemandangannya.. i lake it steemian.

very beautifull my friend,followed

Looks delicious 😋

Best of the best post @timsaid

Looks lovely. Didn't know Hamburg was so graphic

Absolutely wonderful collection of pictures you have here.
My weekend was great! Had some drinks in Amsterdam. Great weather here, so it was stuffed with people. :-)


I love Amsterdam. Steemfest I was there. Miss it


Was before I ever heard about Steemit. Great city. You should definitly come again :D


Are you from Hamburg?


No, I live in Holland. Close to Amsterdam :D

Nice read! And great pictures as well! I've had a wunderfull weekend also. Went out while the wheather was nice with my drone. Post footage when editted later.


You have a drone?! Awesome! I really want one. What model you use?

Wow, those cranes in 1 and 4 look incredibly like big robot giraffes!!


I know! They look so huge. Hamburg has one of the greatest harbours

I was in Hamburg for a summer. I remember everything being really lush green and also still crave this Goulash that I used to have at lunch... Goulash and beer...those were the days! I still crave that Goulash on cold days.

Nice find with the 4-leafed clover, may the luck of the Irish be with you and the wind always at your back! Great pics...upvoted, followed, resteemed!


I will use the luck for the BTCC voting


Be sure to approach it gingerly

img source


Haha! Poor guy

is that tom yam ? mhmmmm i will eat tom yam today..
Happy sunday steemians...

Wow, great shots. I love hamburg because it s a city full of different story and peoples..... just a lovely city

The most interesting part of this event is the food :) ahhh im hungry!!!!


Me too! I could eat that all day


Pretty asian food lover?


Oh for sure!


Me too, not because Im from Asia too. It's just that there's something in its spices that's so interesting.


Totally agree. The smell and taste is awaken

Thank you for a glimpse into this beautiful place!

love the pictures

The food looks delicious!

Nice pictures! The weather looks amazing and the food also looks great :D

Love the picture of the tree with the gap in it. You could put a few shelves and make a public notice to have the locals donate used children's books so that the less fortunate can have the opportunities to enjoy books and exchange and return them often. Just an idea that we have adopted in Canada in my hometown. The Book Tree!

Tus fotografías son muy buenas saludos

what a beautiful views!!
actually, i really envy you :)
good photos always follow the good locations!

So glad you gave us multiple angles of your lunch. LOL

Just voted but ETC is leading with 47% of all the votes. Looks unlikely anything else will pull ahead.

great place

Your photos have so much personality its like we (curators) are walking beside you like the awkward third wheel you bring along cause you're a nice guy lol. Hamburg is now on my list of must see places please keep up the inspiration

Mmmm what is that last dish at the end? Some Thai or vietnamese dish? Please let me know as my GF loves to cook!

Wow! Amazingly beautiful work! Thank you for sharing!

Nice Pictures ^^

Oh My!! Simply stunning place. Amazing work, thank you for sharing.

Love the Pictures, Wish mine were that good.

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Hamburg is definitly one of the best places to live in Germany! Keep going with those posts :-)