MyPictureSunday #12 - The Rijks Museum Amsterdam

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Welcome my dear Steemian friends to another Episode of MyPictureSunday

I left Amsterdam and spent the last day at the famous Rijks museum. It's a great place to learn more about history and art in general. It's safe to say that this place is amazing - they have the most impressive library I ever saw. Before I tell you too much you should make your own impression. Sit back and enjoy my walk through the museum.

All photographs taken with a Nikon D750 and AF-S NIKKOR 24–85 mm 1:3,5–4,5G ED VR
The winners of the MyPictureDay contest will be announced tomorrow in a separate post.


I hope you enjoyed todays episode of MyPictureSunday! Tomorrow will follow the announcement of the winners of the MyPictureDay contest. Furthermore we will have this week some new episodes of Myth or Fact, the Steemit Crypto Challenge and TimTravels!

Steem on!


After following you for weeks now @timsaid i have come to notice one thing with the way you capture and layout these photos on your steemit posts which is its more of a story being told than just random photos these photos follow a systematic order as thought you are trying yo convey a message along to the viewers which i think is the original intent of your photos, photography is one of the skills and hobbies almost anyone of us should learn and take interest in life happens everyday and in this everyday life are many amazing moments that we need to capture that will be precious in the near future to look upon and reflect on thanks to the power of images, photographs and these special devices called cameras. #steemon thanks for these posts. keep the picturesunday photos coming.

You got it on the point! That's what my intention is. Thank you for these great words

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Thanks to all friends.

Very Cool! Thanks for sharing!

Wow that library is beautiful! Keep up with the travels Tim.

I agree! I'm trying to travel as much as I can but university goes first

I am just finishing university so I think I am due some vacation time:)

what are they looking at in those pictures? any hidden treasure or what? lol

I thing there is something, thats some a secret maybee, behind the scenes of that meseum there is some a secret, like a misterius, maybee

I would like to nominate @kyawkyawnaing for this post
It is about interesting places, history, nature and supernatural.

Was there five years ago while they were renovating, so we missed a lot of the displays then. Going back this August and your photos have whetted my appetite! Thank you for the appetiser :-)

Nice! Make a post when you are there

Good plan, Batman!

The library looks awesome like from a movie 🙂

I want such a library

안 녕 하 십 까? 만 나 서 반 갑 습 니 다.
제 이 름 은 서 먓 툰 입 니 다.미 양 마 사 람 입 니 다.
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Thanks to all friends.

Hello @timsaid .. its nice travel, someday ago I posted about my travel in Istanbul, Turkey, but your way to make a post very interested. Its give me a motivation. I also have read some of your post below. Let's me resteem this one. Btw, my travel from Aceh to Istanbul will continue.

Nice Pictures! Since I have lived there for 25 years I could also recommend

  • the Van Gogh Museum and the Stedelijk Museum (modern art) in the same street.
  • or stroll in the nearby Spiegelkwartier for nice antique shops and traditional Dutch houses
  • maybe less well known but you can get the best croquette in the Netherlands at Holtkamp. It is at the Vijzelgracht (also quite near).

Hey man, I did a little shoutout to you here:

Thanks for being such a great inspiration to all of us!!!

Good Morning timsaid!

Thank you very much for sharing your photos with The Rijks Museum Amsterdam!

I was in front of the museum, but the queue was so long that I did not have time to go inside!

Art look fantastic !

Have a nice week
@ kam.ila

Hi @timsaid I really enjoyed this pot and love the idea of "mypicturesunday"! I am a creator of video and content as well and am new to this steemit community! Thank you again for showing us these wonderful pictures. What camera(s) do you use if you dont mind me asking? -JoeParys

I wrote it in the beginning of the post. A NikonD750.


One of the best museums in the world. Top 3.

الله الصور جمياله اوى

You definitely know your way around a camera well. The shots have spot on focus, exposure and composition.

My eyes gobbled up each photo. :) Thanks for sharing!

Have you thought of uploading some of these shots to Google maps/earth for others to enjoy?

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Thanks to all friends.

A wonderful publication Greetings to wish you a beautiful day Please support me on my page

The library trully is amazing. It reminded me on Harry Potter movies xD. I wonder how many (if any) movie shots were taken here?

I will fly to Amsterdam one day. And Rijks Museum is a must for everyone to visit once in a life.
I'll steal that giant ass diamond, take that ship and sail far away. Easy.

Good shots and post helpful, thank you sir information, worthy of thumbs up

so beautiful photography thank you for sharing @timsaid

Thank you for share this post

Please follow and upvote me. Thanks

So interesting thanks for sharing 👍🏾😇

Cool😍 please visit my bloge my friend 🍭

The open air sculptures are so cool.

And they look so great

So sad that we are so engrossed with our hand phone.

Gosh soo many books!
Seems like a scene taken out of Harry Potter or the Citadel of Old Town in Game of Thrones :o .

What amazing sculptures, exhibits. Thank you for the pictures! If she had been there.

Speechless! Thanks for sharing does wonderfull pictures! Cheers!

@timsaid Very interesting, thanks

What a magnificent place! And so much history! You've captured this beautifully :)

What an incredible place! Thanks for sharing. I need to save up some money and go to Europe. (plus I really want to go #paragliding there.)

Well done post . You deserve for getting Upvote from me. I appreciate on it and like it so much . Waiting for your latest post. Keep your good work and steeming on. Let's walk to my blog. I have a latest post. Your upvote is high motivation for me. Almost all Steemians do their best on this site. Keep steeming and earning.

I just join Steem, still learning to post etc. Nice to read your post and enjoy your pics so much as I do love travelling. Follow you and awaiting your next post.

I really love the pictures of the library. Also have you ever thought about watermarking your pictures?

One of my favorite cities to bike in. Your photos are so lovely!!!

your photography is really amazing

oh my... i wish i could visit it someday

Was there five years ago while they were renovating, so we missed a lot of the displays then. Going back this August and your photos have whetted my appetite! Thank you for the appetizer :-):-):-)

Very beautiful museum. I hope to visit him to feel the air there...

OMG this is like that one scene from Beauty & The Beast... but REAL LIFE! Awesome.

Ah, how I miss this place I visited almost 2 years ago. It was a really big museum and I actually did not see everything inside as I had other plans on that day. Thanks for bringing up some pictures of it because I did not get to take photo back then.

Cool... Very cool @timsaid

these are great pictures. :)

Some epic shots of that old school ship, so majestic! Love that depth of field on the cannons too! I don't know why, but I really want a model ship like that in my house... It won't go with any of my furniture. It'll just sit there looking bad-ass.

Quality shots. Please don't tell me that you took those with your phone. :)

This beautiful place, where discipline and passion meet, creating a maximum expression: art, which surpasses the limits of the temporal, mocking death, eras in line, manifesting absolute beauty, the deepest of man; Thanks @timsaid, for sharing what can not be there, such a work.

I just started steemit today and pumped into these amazing photos @timsaid! Got to follow and can't wait to see more of these in the future :)

I like yours post,
Museum amazing

Such an amazing museum. I love to lose myself inside of museums ❤

That library is impresive, the books are all on art/art history? The outdoor sculptures are interesting. Very nice as always, not seeing the Tim Filter as much on these :-), but still beautifully taken. Overall how would you compare your experience in Amsterdam vs Paris?

I used to live in Amsterdam and now i feel ashamed that i never visit Rijks Museum ! After i seen this post i will definitely visit Rijks Mueum next time im there. Thank you for sharing this with us ! :)

Nice picture @timsaid.. I am really attracted to your travelling post.. Please upvote me too . Thanks

You just made me feel poor

Why is it? Being a Steemians makes you precious

Wow, this surely seems a place to visit. Diamonds, mini gold figures, weapons and armor, art pieces, everything is there. And the library is really huge!!

These are good quality pictures! Well done!

Please follow and upvote me. Thanks

Seems you like Amsterdam - one of my all time favourite cities! Still not attended your awesome challenge - I need to wait probably until next week for London or I another week fro Bulgaria. Have a great week @timsaid

Great pictures!

Excellent photos, the library is really a cool architectural design

It's a masterpiece

Hi I upvoted your post. I bet you must be interested in Some photography & beautiful scenery.

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Nice pics from a beautiful place! Thanks for sharing!

Thanks Stephan, that's great to hear

I love this city

Nice work @timsaid, upvoted and followed. You might be interested in my photography work and photo blogging as it's similar to yours - I come from a photography background and am just moving into the blogging space. Please take a look at my blog. I'm just starting up on Steemit so would take kindly to any feedback that you can give.

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great shots as always

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that is excellent collection of photos

those pictures were awosome.I dont have any word to describe the beauty of the pictures.
Also the clicks were great.

I also want to see this place and the thinks.
Its a pleasure to see this pictures through your post.

Thank you so much for that.
Upvoted and followed.

A picture says a thousand words ... great stuff!

Thank you to open this window and to admire these beautiful works of art.
I would like you to include a description of each work. They are beautiful and interesting anyway. Thank you so much.

More than 1000 words. Really impressive. Thanks for sharing.

In my area the famous museum is aceh tsunami museum. Many tourists from outside who visit there. If you have free time can visit there to see the enormity of the remaining stunami of Aceh.

Nice timsaid. Thanks for sharing.

magnifico! me trae extraordinarios recuerdos de mis viajes por los museos de Europa, creo que estas cosas son muy importantes en verdad,experiencias de crecimiento personal y que ademas nos ayudan a conocer y saber mas de la historia de la humanidad, del carácter sublime de el ser humano,esa faceta extraordinaria que el artista tiene y nos propone,esa mirada sublime sobre el mundo y las ideas! tank you!!

this really looks awesome. wow...very beautiful and colourful post. thanks for sharing @timsaid. wow, this is really nice

Yup, great post. I will go there someday :)

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Photography is one of the skills and hobbies almost anyone adapted but you doing far better. I loved your post. keep going..

I would like to nominate @timsaid for this post
It is an interesting place that you can shoot more beautiful photos.
Help me back with your vote pls.

Very nice pictures! Enjoy your trip ;) Greetings

Awesome photography!!!
Thank you so much for sharing...

I was just there last December, of course the main attraction is the Night Watch painting. Although it's interesting enough that i heard it's not even the full size. they had to cut some part from both sides to fit in. By the way, i totally missed the library. I was only able to take pictures from the top. :( I think i must come back and visit it.

Wow.....amazing... I want to museum... Because... I am Loved it the museum..

great paintings

Dude this is incredible! What a fantastic post you have put together here! Whoop Whoop!

Thaaaaaaanks bro!

photos are amazing, looks like you put out nothing but amazing photos. I really like the library photos but all are very beautiful.

this photography looks like a professional

Unfortunately, I missed it on my last visit. Looks like a great place to see, thanks for the recommendation. Loved your last pic with the pointed arches.

Wow amazing post and stunning photos ^_^

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