Nuclear Winter Photoshoot

in photography •  last year

Recently, I had the opportunity to participate in my first professional photo-shoot at a private post-apocalyptic camp in a valley near Hemet, California. The models are all part of a group called "Junktown" that participate in the "Wasteland" community.

Featured here is the Mayor of Junktown and one of her cohorts ...

Coyote Snack and Cherry really know how to handle the big guns ...

Devious Dealings Happen in the War Room ...
war room 1.jpg

The full set and other examples of my work can be found at
All photography copyright Wayne (Beau) Beach. Permission to use and distribute can be obtained by contacting me through the deviantart page above. Prints are available through sale at deviantart.

As Always, I Steem for my Kids ...

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