SteemitPhotoChallenge Entry 1 - Minimalism

in photography •  2 years ago

Taken just after sunrise on the Ganga ~ Varanasi

Canon 24-70mm f/2.8LUSM at 35mm 1/200s f/11 iso 320

Shooting into the sun is never easy. When there is ample atmospheric haze good things can happen though it may be hard to see it on your digital review screen at the time. Usually, this stretch of the Ganges is teaming with people and boats as Varanasi seems to never really sleep.

I find it rather invasive to photograph those engaged in morning prayers in a close up manner and head-on. I've done it and I'm not really keen on sharing those images as it just seems to be an invasion of privacy and their peace-seeking moment. Sure it LOOKS cool to see, but I think you ought to just go and see it for yourself.

Leaving things a bit more anonymous as I've done here releases the image from a type of voyeurism that I don't really appreciate. Seriously, the only minimalistic moment I had in Varanasi. Just my two cents.

be well, Conrad ( @timelapse )

(verification link on my site:
#photography #steemitphotochallenge #minimalism #india

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Great shot love the water ripple
Unfortunately for me ;-( looks like I uploaded my challenge entries either side of yours!
what a competition its great fun

Stunning composition - "MORE!"

Wonderful shot!

Deep into minimalism and innerself! Totally love it! Only one thing for me... the signature on the main subject...


Yes, I agree with you there - it's an automated signature controlled from my site - if I tweak it, I tweak it on all images across the site. Likely doesn't thwart plagiarism much either...

Oh Yes!!! I love this one! Nice job!

Outstanding photograph!

very nice image :-)