Practice Contentment - timelapse journey through SE Asia

in photography •  last year

I created this a few years back, but don't think I've shared it here yet since it wasn't easy to share video's via Vimeo so here goes another try! All of this is created with still images - not sped up video. Seems like it was around 20k images and a lot of processor crunching.

Please enjoy!

It's been so long since I posted I can't even think of the categories to use! Okay, looks like I did post the video 10 months ago - so here's the cinemagraph and the video!

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Welcome back again. The images all from different countries, right?


Yes thank you! The are from Myanamr, Cambodia and Thailand. The ferry ride was the best 500 riel I ever spent - 12.5 US cents ($0.125) each way!


You're welcome. There's a good ride for less than a quarter of USD.