Moonrise over Bangkok (cinemagraph)

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If you have ever been to Bangkok, chances are high that you've passed through or by the main railway station, Hua Lamphong (left side), especially if you've ridden any trains while in Thailand. This vantage point really gave a good view of the arched roof of the station as well as the moonrise over the city.

(I do a fair amount of time lapse work and even shot one of this scene albeit very very short... creating the cinemagraph from a single still image is somehow feels more creative and unpredictable)

The hotel that I was shooting from is the Centra by Centara hotel which has it's pluses and minuses.
I had a VIP suite which was fairly good minus the bed and apparent lack of fresh air (maybe it comes in from under the door and up the elevator shaft???). The lack of sewer gas in the bathrooms was a welcome PLUS. None of the windows open as they're plate glass and siliconed shut. The additional bedroom, bathroom and living room was well furnished and had another room booked though they gave us an adjoining room as I had 7 people in my party which was thoughtful. I would and have already stayed there again since this image was taken on Jan. 12, 2017. I was curious as to what they're building in the middle of the intersection - seems one tower was already completed and didn't have windows - perhaps it's related to the MRT which is the subterranean train service in Bangkok which I prefer over the elevated BTS line.


  • location near Chinatown, rail station and MRT
  • city view from approx 8 to 12 floors (low enough where you can still make things out)
  • clean and no sewer gas
  • 3 AC units in the suite and large leather sofas
  • large master bath and half bath / powder room


  • lack of fresh air / AC had a bit of a funk and not responsive
  • beds were clean, but quite uncomfortable
  • WIFI - problematic for 3 days straight

There's a lot more than meets the eye here - so many ways to get into the MRT from here: 1) lower left side of Hua Laphong Railway station 2) towards the right side of the image you see a 1/4 disc looking roof 3) far right side there is another opening leading to the MRT train. I think there's a 4 exit, though I didn't try that one. Proximity is a is one strong reason to stay at this particular hotel.

You can view Wat Traimit from the roof area as well are Chinatown which is not but a few blocks away.

Day time from same location - can be quite helpful to understand a location like this one from a high vantage point as the roads are going off in a lot of directions, many one way roads.

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This was yesterday? Tonight is the full moon being last day of lunar new year


I see I put 2016, but it was last month... Jan 12, 2017... I will make some edits shortly!!


Oh, sorry. missed that. scrolling too fast.

Great shot, I love time-lapse photography and seeing the traffic flow in your photo!

Thanks! I share

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Wonderful cinemagraph. How hard it it to make images like that?


using some software that allows you to make meshes and push/pull elements around - it's a good 15 - 30 minute process at first... figuring out which type of images might work is the real challenge - water seems to lend itself to the effect very well.