A Different Perspective thru the Mamiya C33 Viewfinder - (original photo and video)

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No not the kind you learn about in drawing, this is another way to see w/o a digital screen for once.

Using an old Mamiya C33, I rigged up a camera apparatus that was around 30lbs and somewhat intimidating looking - never mind as I was busy paying attention to the screen so I could see where I was walking... funny thing happens when you focus on a little 'screen'... you can't focus on the ground so well at the same time. (just like people who trip while engrossed in their mobile)

Enjoy as I take you on an unexpected journey through parts of Denver and Boulder, Colorado

Music credit: Acoustic Breeze by Bensound.com
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100% upvote and resteem. I wish more people on this site would appreciate film/video. that was great man and very inspiring. beautiful

@runrudy - thanks for doing your part to help others come across this sort of content and glad you enjoyed it as well! Much appreciated.

No problem. Have a great week. see ya.

My wife just passed by and said quite nice. I think it's love.
So, you mounted another camera fixed with this Mamiya, right?
Seems, same distance all the time.

Indeed you are correct - I may have used a different lens a time or two as these were shot over several weeks/months. Imagine a large L bracket - sort of stabilized itself as it is so heavy. Ever since I watched War Photographer, I've been fascinated with a camera on a camera view point.

thanks for your detail reply and interesting perspective

Very nice work, very creative! Upvoted and followed!

Right on - much appreciated @nspart

Glad you got to see it and thanks! Hope it inspires more creativity in someone.

Very cool , never thought of doing this , but very cool idea

thx @halo glad you enjoyed it :)

nice post.voted

Hope you enjoyed - thanks!

Amazing, nice post, dont forget view my post, now i upvote you and i follow you, follow me back thanks bady

thx @nadialafi - have a wonderful week.

I love these, mines broken beyond repair :'( ... looking for a new one though!

screen is wrecked eh? That could be interesting to look through as well... a metaphor for many I'm sure. I suspect most people alive below the age of 30 haven't ever looked through one.

probably not was an heirloom, badly damaged to start, now kaput

interesting to see someone else shooting film, love the square medium format ! will give you a follow! check my work if you can ! cheers man !

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