Japan 2017 - Manchester to Munich

in photography •  11 months ago

This was the first day of my holiday to Japan which was spent travelling from Manchester to Munich and then to Tokyo.

Stage 1. Check-In.

Stage 2. Buy a coffee and get something to eat.

Stage 3. Wait around for flights.

Manchester Airport

2017-10-24 08-48-52 IMG_20171024_084852_resize.jpg

2017-10-24 09-04-54 IMG_20171024_090452_resize.jpg

Munich Airport

I arrived in Munich after a 2 hour flight and waited 2 hours and 35 minutes for my flight to Tokyo.

2017-10-24 13-39-34 IMG_20171024_123930_resize.jpg

2017-10-24 13-47-44 IMG_20171024_134740_resize.jpg

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