My Backyard: The Sierra Nevada Mountains (Photography)

in #photography8 years ago (edited)

All these photos were taken myself near where I grew up in Northern California. The camera was a Nikon d7200 with a Nikkor AF-S DX 18-140mm f/3.5-5.6G Lens 

Winter morning Pinecrest Lake California

Storm clearing up, Sonora Pass off Highway 108 California    

Winter at Kennedy Meadows California

I hope you enjoyed these photos! Seeing all these amazingly talented artists and photographers here on Steemit has made me want to start taking photos again. You might see more from me soon! Cheers!



That's is gorgeous. First one is my favourite. It looks like a painting.

Sorry I know the photo's were messed up at first but I think I fixed it!

Beautiful place, beautiful pictures you got there. Hopefully I will visit it someday.

Keep up the great work @tim-johnston

When nature exceeds culture, we have the rustic. When culture exceeds nature then we the pedant.

Are you afraid of flying in airplanes? (How come?)

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