weddell seal napping amongst Gentoo Penguins

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Another day and another adventure on the Antarctic Peninsula. We came across a beautiful group of Islands in the Gerlache Strait with one in particular, which is named Useful Island. The name itself comes from the whaling days when sailors would be dropped onto the island and they would climb the summit to spot for whales in the Gerlache Strait. On this Island there is a large breeding colony of Gentoo Penguins, whom are noisy and smelly and most importantly just too damn cute for words.

As we came on shore there was a young Weddell seal pup taking a nap amongst the noisy, smelly chaos that is penguin colonies. Not only was he content to lay there amongst the 1,000's of penguins but the smile on his face suggests he is in the comfortable spot imaginable.


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Wow! What an interesting post and experience
This reminds me when i travelled to one of the best state in my countryiStock-517600692.jpg

Photos: getting to see the wonderful beauty without the experience of the smells. How cold is it there?

Whut, did you visit that place? It looks AMAZING! Jealous! 😍

Anyways, if you are into traveling, fitness or self-development, feel free to check out my channel! Otherwise have a great day. HUGS💛

just superb

It's really nice.

  ·  last year (edited)

wonderful.. i like it

It looks like a very nice island thank you @thomasjmitchell for sharinf this post

I developed my love for penquins when i saw the movie "happy feet"
Still dreaming of seeing one,one day!


me gustan demasiados esos pingüinos

Beautifull photo. Must be an amazing experience to see antarctica. I would love to go there. For now i can enjoy your posts here.

This is wonderful. Will our grand children grow up to see this?

Aww great pic. I wish I could be at the Antarctic peninsula. :P

I love Penguins🐧.
Nice job keep exploring🛳️✈️🚁🚞

This is wonderful. Will our grand children grow up to see this?


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i need this experience tooo. Awesome animals

This is the kind of photo that can put a smile on anyone's face! That seal is adorable!

Wow. I really love information about the Antarctic and polar regions of the world my whole blog is literally about it.’s nice to find someone with similar interest. Thanks for sharing and amazing photography ❤️

Penguins are too adorable any time they move their wings. Great composition and timing for this photo! Cheers!

excelente foto, me encantan los pinguinos

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seating in the chair i am getting experience of being there, Thanks for sharing such a nice photograph.

wonderful picture.where exactly it is ?

very beautiful, worth the visit

This made me smile. Thank you for brightening my day!