Welcome to the North Rim of the Grand Canyon!

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Welcome back Crypto Nation,

Summer vacations are one of my personal favorite past times. When I was a child we would get the family together and smash in the car then hit the road. We knew the destination but the journey was in getting there. I decided to do the ultimate roadtrip witb my band new car and I finally made it to the Grand Canyon! It was such an adventure just to arrive at one of nature's great spectacles.

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Really wonderful photography
You are a professional photographer
I love the telescope of nature

@roselover You are too kind, thanks for the comment.

Nature speaks for itself! Those beautiful hights are generating an amazing view. You are lucky to enjoy that great place. Great pictures @thetruth36

@aamirijaz I feel very lucky, thanks for the comment.

@thetruth36 It seems you have reached to the clouds, a very spectacular view from the top. You have really captured nice shots. I really liked it. Thanks for sharing

@wiseeyes I always keep my head in the sky and feet on the ground. Have a great day!!

I'm watching this year's natural best photography.

@raselkhan566 Thanks, Ill have more post coming soon. Thanks for the comment.

Wow I think that your photography is absolutely amazing.
Really great picture.
Thanks for sharing

@wa2qr Thank you sir, you know I try my best. Hope you are having a great day.

wow..excellent photography and good traveling ..i like your photography..Thanks for share ..so #res-teemed and #upvote .

@saidul-islam Thanks, glad you enjoyed it.

Summer holidays everyone's favorite summer vacation is fun and fun to walk around with family and holiday Others do not remember the nature's new decorations in the summer. You have so many interesting posts that everyone's favorite is always waiting for you to receive 100 interesting posts. waiting

@qurrom I agree, thanks for the comment.

Thank you sir

Really excellent photography my dear friend and your Photography is like a professional photographer. Your 2nd photo is very beautiful

@anikearn Thanks, I try my best to capture the moment as I see it. Have a great day.

your nature photography is very great. i love travel.

@kakoly Welcome to the blog, thanks for the comment.

wow,very beautiful natural photography.

@vsams Thanks for the comment.

Wow !out standing photography sir ✌️
I always enjoyed it.
Keep it up 😊

@aditya-murarka I will keep it up, have a great day!!

wow what a picture and a wonderful view😍😊

@makesushi Cool name, thank you for the comment.

ohh its look like really amazing
beautiful sky
lovely photography
nice capture

@steyn Thanks, have a great day!

Amazing photos! The colors are stunning and such a wonderful atmosphere!

@ykdesign This is one of my favorite views , thanks for the comment.

You are looking great.

@vijayar Welcome and thanks for the comment. Hope you like my next post.

Nice photography friend congratulations

@philips93 I appreciate the kind words, hope you are having a great day.

Such an amazing place. Your beautiful photography always highly appreciable. Enjoy your time sir, happy travelling.

@msena Very amazing indeed sir, thanks for the comment.


This is amazing. You shoot with extraordinary abilities. It's amazing I see it.

@seha76 Thanks for the kind words, have a great day :)

thanks for the new blog. that is great and nice photography.

@hangted Welcome to the blog, thanks for the comment. Please give me a up vote and resteem too :)

Excellent natural photography and very good traveling. really your photography is awesome. I love your post. Thank you for sharing with us " Best of luck.

@alimuddin Natural photography is my specialty :)

Good post my dear best friends @thetruth36

@kabil Welcome back, thanks for the comment.

Very fantastic! 👍

Enjoy and have fun, my friend!

@roman-sabil Glad you enjoyed it, thanks for the comment.

nice photography

@yulianadewi Welcome to the blog, thanks for the comment.Hope you can follow for more great content to come. :)

You are floating like those clouds.all pictures are so amazing.you are looking beautiful too.

@faizazohaib Great comment, have a great day.

Hi @thetruth! Remarkable. I am very amazed to see this one world miracle. Thanks!

@black-horse I agree a very nice sight to behold.

@alom23 Cool thanks again!!

Many many thanks

Such a beautiful photography sir @thetruth.
I think you need to give a award for it.
Thanks for sharing

@sujonxr Thanks for the comment hope you are having a great day!

Thanks sir.

What is one thing about the Grand Canyon you discovered, that you never knew about before? How has your perception of the Grand Canyon changed now that you have seen it?

@remotediscovery I know all 🤣🤣🤣

These photos are amazing.And you are a awesome photographer

@hcc Thanks for the kind words, have a great day.

I love how you took your photo. They look amazing!
It looks like you really are enjoying with your great smile.
Thank you again for sharing this with us!
Have a great day ahead!

@sgbonus Thanks for the comment! Have a great day.

nice work comrade @thetruth36 your performance is amazing and the results are so amazing continue to work best friend

@muktariza011095 Thanks for noticing, have a great day.

@thetruth36 lovely photography.i hope you are enjoying there in vacation.

@kmayegaindia I did enjoy it very much, thanks for the comment.

Seems lots of enjoyments ! Carry on dear.

@facttechz Will do, thanks!!

Beautiful photo! I really liked it.
Please visit my blog and do not forget to vote. Thank you.

@setik-001 Not the best look to ask for someone to visit your blog. Provide great content and they will come. Thanks for the comment and have a great day :)

Thanks for the help!

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Excellent natural photography..
really your photography great .
many many thanks for share this post.
So #Resteemed and #Upvote..
Dear @thetruth36

wow,very nice nature photography.
i like your all photography..
Thanks for share ..dear @thetruth36
So resteemed and upvote

Such a magical photographs.

You always introduces us lovely places sir.