Smooth Hawaiian Winds

in photography •  2 months ago

Welcome back Crypto Nation,

On the way to Tokenfest in Boston MA. Will be driving there from California. Wish me luck! The picture is of me recently in Oahu Hawaii what an amazing island can't wait until I see it again.

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Nice picture sir you are having a great fun.


@vijayar Thanks for the comment, this is one of my favorite photos.

Very wonderful selfie,Both of you looks so beautiful,yeah you are right this island is so wonderful,I see your pictures,have a save journey,waiting for your next post,thanks for sharing dear,


@asadchughtai Thanks we had a lot of fun. Great comment.


Thanks dear.

Oh My God, adventure is turning into a love story and look at the faces of these two, sweetness and happiness ;)

A selfie which is telling the whole story ha ha :D

Stay Blessed and have a safe journey Bro :)

wow,this is a absolutely mindblowing shots of Hawaiian Islands dear friend.. @thetruth36 how are you? i hope that,you are better now..this place really very beautifull for trip and i think you enjoy your good day with nice place.. specially,you looking very handsome and gorgeous with your friend.its very beautufull selfie..i am really miss you..your choice quality alltime good and perfect.thanks to sharing for your good post of travel.have a great day..very well done..may god bless dear good friend.. @thetruth36

Beautiful photograph sir you always comes with special things i love this selfie,you are looking great.


@kilee Thanks for the comment hope you are having a great day.

Great selfie, congratulations on your trip to Hawaii! That girl next to you is very beautiful!


@lacl Thank you for the comment she was happy to hear you like it. Have a great day!

Lovely photo and a unique experience you are having in Hawaii, I hope you are enjoying your stay in Hawaii @thetruth36


@obest Very good experience. Thanks for the comment hope you are having a great day.

Nice selfie😊
Happy journey 😅


@aditya-murarka Thanks friend.

Enjoy your day with your girl sir.Thats awersome.


@sujonxr Quite an amazing trip sir. Thank you for the comment.


My pleasure sir.

I am very glad to see your favorite picture sir,you are looking awesome.


@stupendoustrio Happy you enjoy it. Thanks for the comment hope you are having a great day.

hawaii is too good to refresh mind........... stay happy in hawaii


@jevelin Hawaiian vacation is amazing. Thanks for the comment.

Great! many successes👏


@rosargelisperez Welcome to the blog thank you so much for the comment. Wishing you the best! Please give me a follow and a upvote too.

beautiful selfie; you both look awesome~ flowers are too lovely ❤😊❤
wonderful experience my friend thetruth


@ykdesign Thanks so much I appreciate the comments. Those are orchids!

I hope you have a wonderful trip friend !!!


@sughey Thanks for the comment and kind words!

Good to see you sir in this beautiful Island. Hope you enjoy a lot here. The place is looking amazing.


@naim444 It was a very good vacation. Thanks for the comment.

You are looking very beautiful and smart. I enjoy yout travelling and photography.

Nice photograph sir cool selfie.

This photo is looking so special sir,have a great day.

Keep smiling sir great selfie.

Great photography my friend. I always aporeciate your travelling and beautiful photography.

I want to see more photographs like this sir.

The beautiful island is great for travelling. I appreciate your travelling choice and I'm very happy that you share your beautiful moments with us. Enjoy your time sir.

Really it is a amazing island,thanks for bringing this beautiful place sir.


@thytheoso You are welcome thanks for the comment. Hope all is well.

Wow hope you enjoyed your trip there! You guys look awesome!

A happy man, next to a stunning woman. Life is great sometimes :)

Good picture thank for nice post

The best photo so far i have seen.

Photo yang sangat menarik dan sangat indah,, Terima kasih @thetruth36

Very beautiful picture they look great

You look great, you two, great.

a good photo ... you really look handsome. Once you smile ... thank you @thetruth36

hopefully my friend @thetruth36 was successful in this trip.

Postingan yang sangat bagus dan begitu cocok... Terima kasih @thetruth36