Oasis in the desert! EDDY'S WORLD

in photography •  3 months ago

Welcome back Crypto Nation,

If you ever find yourself heading North or South on the I-15 near Yermo. You are thirsty, hungry or need gas be sure to check this place out. They have a lot of candy to choose from. Pete's Coffee, a pizza place. Oh Yea and some interesting varieties of Jerky.
Plus they have a shrine to the Lakers. Go LakeShow!














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THIS EDDY'S WORLD just fantastic. absolutely you capture very brilliant photography in your blog and this post explantation skills very perfect.this is a good place selecting to doing for eating food.specially this food place very cool.i like pizza.its my favorite food one of them.everything is possible your talented photography causes.your face innocent smile alltime special for me.good job dear.thanks yo sharing for your great thought skills quality post.may god bless you. very well done.take care yourself always.enjoy your happy life moment of beautifull food place.enjoy your day.stay bessed..my dear friend. @thetruth36


@timuann Thanks for the comment hope you are having a great day!

Wow! Pizza and Coffee both are my favourite. Have a great time sir.


@msena What a great combo!


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looking smart on new beard cut man, haha


@thenuclear Thanks for noticing.

stunning views and colour effect😍
just amazig! wonderful photography


@ykdesign Glad to hear that you enjoyed the post. Have a great day

You are looking so smart sir @thetruth36. The place is also looking great.

Wao dear your looking so Amazing....your smile is so cute....your cap is very beautiful....such a wonderful photography.......peets coffe looks so great....i really like cold coffe....And i like pizza to much...very very beautiful places...bar looks so great.....Have a great time....thanks for sharing sir.


@asadchughtai Welcome back!! Thanks for this amazing comments.

A really interesting place, very colorful and seems to be fun and with many options, Have a great day friend!


@lacl Nice place to stop in a hot desert.

Such an awesome photography. I love your great photography.


@mhyeasin Thanks for the comment hope you are having a great day.

Thanks for good post


@qurrom You are welcome, thanks for the comment.

I would love to have a coffee on this beautiful place sir.


@abdulmanan Coffee is really good.

Looks like you are full. Coffee, pizza, beverage.


@wa2qr I was charging my car never tried the food lol.

Beautiful photography mate.
Awesome work.
Keep steeming


@anishag Will do thanks for the comment!

I love the beautiful beautiful images to distract us and enjoy this great place.


@yosicrespo Thanks for the comment hope you are having a great day.

hi dear @thetruth36 .how are you .
wow! what such a beautiful photography realy amazing i like your photography thanks for share .....so this post has #Resteemed and #Upvote. By alom23


@alom23 Im doing well friend, thank you for the comment!

Wow! such a wonderful photography and very good traveling. really your photography is awesome. I love your post. Thank you for sharing with us " Best of luck.


@alimuddin Thanks for the comment hope you are having a great day!

Beautiful photography...second image I liked most and menu is good 😊


@aditya-murarka Thanks for the comment hope you are having a great day.

No doubt you should visit this beautiful place very complete and fun.


@andresr28 Sounds good, thank you for the comment.

Resteemed and Upvote


@saidul-islam Much thanks, hope you are having a great day!

Go for what I see is an incredible place.


@infinity28 Thanks for the comment hope you are having a great day.


My team of nba one of the favorites is Los Lakers Excellent team, I like it a lot because of what I had read before you are a fan of them, right?


@josecrespo I live in Los Angeles so yes!


The pizzas are my favorite it looks very lijoso and nice this place.


@yoselin26 Who does not like pizza lol?

Where did you eat? haha . That Laker shrine looks amazing. Thanks for sharing this with us!


@sgbonus Its a place called Eddy's world. But I did not eat until I got to Las Vegas.


Oh okay haha. I'll try to save up ang go there one day

Good post and cool friends


@tasteem1 Thanks friend!

Very beautiful menu food best friend @thetruth36, and good work.


@marwan1mx Thanks for the comment hope you are having a great day!

wow, the menu and delicious dishes that are available at fresh_gourmet_food are very fun!. isn't that friend @thetruth36 ??


@anwars Didn't sample the vittles maybe next time.


yes, it doesn't become a friend problem @thetruth36.

What a wonderful images thanks a lot for sharing sir i am so happy to see you again.