The Phantom 4 Pro 🔥| Video From The Windy West Coast Of Norway 🌊

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I got my Dji Phantom 4 pro for 5 months ago so i got some fight hours under my wings by now. So in this review i will go into some of the specs and my main buying points over other drones on the market.

But first i'm going to tell you how i got into drones

My drone journey started pretty simple. Parts delivered in a cardboard box from china, a few hours with an online manual and a soldering iron, i had a working drone. For me this was the perfect way to learn flying. I ended up running it into a few trees during it's lifetime but this was no worry when you know how it's built and can easily replace parts. So if you're interested in drones and want to play around and figure out if its something you would spend more time and money on, then building your own drone is a great learning experience.


Key Stats:
Camera sensor1" CMOS, 20 Megapixels
Flight timeAround 20-30 min, depending on wind and temperature
Flight speed72 kph (45 mph)
Range4.3 mi or 7 km (FCC) 1.2 mi or 3.5 km (CE)
Dimensions350 mm without propellers
Weight1388 g

Okei so first i want just to start of with the biggest downside of the phantom 4 drone from my point of view and that must be size. Compared with the mavic pro or the newest mavic air, the phantom is a bulky beast. Sure you get some kind of styrofoam case with a handel so you can safely transport it around but it's not "stylish" or handy at all. So the first thig i got was a manfrotto backpack for the drone. The sweet thing about this backpack is that it got lots of small compartments and on the top it got a seperat space for my camera. So I can literally have my whole adventure kit in one backpack ready to go.



So why did i end up with a phantom and not a smaller and more travel friendly mavic pro or air? For me it was all about sensor size and wanting the best image quality. So the sensor of a mavic air for example is a 1/2.3” CMOS and the phantom 4 pro edition is a 1" CMOS . This resulting in more megapixels (12 MP mavic air and 20 MP phantom 4) work with and also better lowlight capabilities.

Going from homemade to the real deal


Comparing my partly cable tied and electical tape held together flying device to the ease of flying a drone made by professionals was day and night. On a dji drone you got sensors for everything, they can actually be hard to crash. You got obstacle avoidance sensors, high precision gps for posission hold or to actually plan out and make a autonomous flight route.

When you get your phantom in the air you got the options of a few intelligent flight modes or flying manual. I always fly manual and on some occasions use the ActiveTrack flight mode so i can get a walking shot of myself.



While the phantom 4 is not a travel friendly drone, if you get a good backpack it should not be a problem getting around with it. I'm also a bit jealous of the flip out props on the smaller drones for even more ease when getting ready for take off. When you get it in the air the control feels pretty comfortable in the hands, and movement of the sticks are quite smooth and responsive. Getting used to the controller and button placement can be achieved with only a few flights and dji offers quite some modifications in the app if there is something that doesn't feel right.

Quick tip: Use the built-in flight simulator before you take off in your own garden and going straight through your living room window.

4K Edition

Here is also the link to the Dtube version, a bit lower quality than the 4k on youtube so keep that in mind!

👉Be sure to follow for more photography and tech related posts coming 👈

TheStig Out ✌

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Great post ..Well done
Fido wonderful .. it makes us humble
Thanks for sharing this with us‏..


Thank you sir for the positive comment, much appreciated👍

Great post friend @thestig.
have not yet touched the air discipline in photography or video and the truth that after your post and that I present your work tool the truth that I will give you an opportunity soon, the video that you present us is beautiful, an elegant assembly and some true quality plans, very good work friend.

After reading your post I still have some doubts, I understood that working with drones usually have problems with battery autonomy and other factors, what do you think about that subject, what is your solution?
a greeting and thanks first of all friend :)


Thank you so much @harmaa for your kind feedback! Really appreciate your detailed comment. For me battery duration is not that big of a problem this because of these points:

  1. I try to always plan out the shoots. So when i get to a location i like to walk around and try to plan out where to fly and how to pan the camera to get some sweet short clips. That makes my air time efficient. So when i take off i fly all the planned shots and not just randomly. This saves you the most battery.

  2. I always bring 2 batteries. 1 battery is rated to around 30 min, but when flying it's around 20-25 min. So say you got 40-50 min of air time. This is usually more then enough for what i do now. But if you are gonna do a longer shoot or on different locations during the day then more batteries is the simplest solution. You could also get a 12v to 110v or 230v (depending on location) inverter for your car. You would then be able to charge your batteries,laptop and camera on the way to the next location.

Thanks again for going a bit deep in the comments, it makes the whole post more valuable for others that want to learn about drones 😃


Ohh, it's amazing how you have it organized.
from what I read the most important is the part of preparation that you do before recording, without a doubt, I am left with one of your data and it is: "Efficiency of flight" that describes our audiovisual sector, a good planning, documentation and research it is reflected in a good result as a product.

A pleasure to read your post friend, and we'll see you soon :)

PS: I'll write down what you say about batteries that will be good for me in the future, thank you very much


Your spot on my friend, efficiency is key 🗝️😀 no problem, just a pleasure to help out👍


The pleasure is my friend, see you soon in this community, luck and good things :)


Hello again, last night I nominated you for a photographic challenge that invited me and I remembered your work;)

Here is the link:

Awesome innovative and veey much indormative post. Have you really made all these drowns. Thats a big acheievement for you.


Thank you! Yes i made my first drone, it's not that hard you just have to figure out what parts you want and how they fit together.

Congratulations! Breathtaking views!


Thank you! much appreciated 👍

beautiful masterpiece, very clean.. congrats!


Thank you! 😀

Excellent, the world of drones is fascinating as one enjoys, I love it!


Thank you for the nice feedback! 😁👍

What a view its amazing seeing landscapes from above


Thank you, it absolutely is

Thank you for the good information.
I'd like to have this product.


It's a good product, worth having if you like creating films 👍 Thank you!


It sure is! 😀

Great video
Norway is beautiful from the view of a drone


That is so true, thank you for the positive feedback!

Video looks like some official commercial! Good stuff bro!


Thanks that is really motivating to hear bro!

I've always wanted a drone


Then you should build one, it's a small and very educational project👍

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