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Over 70 days in lock down.... well, certainly a lot has been achieved around the home and property due to boredom and the need to have a reason for getting out of bed.

BUT .... first some music to accompany the photographs and to warm you up for the weekend

Down Under - Men At Work

Very appropriate tune .... below.. storage place below the outside barbecue spot. Long overdue.

These doors were made from old pallets I received. I separated the wood, cleaned up and prepared the wood myself. No fancy tools. Just a tenant saw, a drill, orbital sander and a hammer




As this IS Africa, and we have a very high crime rate .... security is always a concern ....

Security spikes ..... 18 metres and 5 columns all done by myself, in fact all these projects were done by me on my lonesome

Africa - Toto

The most tedious task, but extremely necessary, was sanding and resealing our 3m x 4m wooden shed at the back of our property. I finally finished three days ago.... just enough time for the coating to harden before a cold front hit us.


I am sure that some beady eyed reader would have ascertained that the barbecue storage area doors have no handles or fastening mechanisms !! Well done, I still need to devise a method to accomplish this.

Have a fantabulous weekend... and hopefully life is almost normal for the country in which you live. For us it is still a long way off !!

Thanks for stopping by.


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