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One really good thing about the BOT invasion and the de-personlization of Steemit is that one can play and post just about whatever one wants without fear of censure or criticism. So here is another no value add post.... or as the 'cogniscenti' of Steemit would term a rubbish or low quality post

We arrived at this very upmarket Wine Estate for the weekend and last night while my bestest half was getting ready for an informal dinner I poured myself a glass of wine and sat on the balcony of our suite and took some photographs.

Have a look and tell me which you prefer .... Black or Color ....


And then the original .....


Taken with my trusty Canon Powershot SX60 HS

Exposure 1/60
f/stop f 3.4
ISO - 1600 (it was dark after all )

Thanks all four of you ..... I seem to have lost future whale @rizasukma .... {wipes tear dribbling down right cheek}

Ah well I still have @mrprofessor ...sometimes... @traciyork...always {high fives} .... @krabgat the silent one and @jaynie now and again. ...

Namaste !!

Ah well.... what the hell.... a freebie ...


View from our balcony

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Definitely prefer the colour version! I am eccentric in that respect and would probably have gone totally LOCO with enhancing those colours hahahahaha!!!! (I blame my drug days lol)

and HEY!!! You have my support ALL the time ;) unless I am on "recharge" haha!!! MWAH!!!!


Thanks @jaynie .... good to hear that. I am slumming it at Val De Charron for the weekend. Trust me I prefer rustic self-catering {sulk} ....

MWAH back!!


I quite like the rat skins approach to life too @themagus hahaha!!! (Thats what we used to call it in my teens!)

oh, and cheer up hon! Lets drink and be merry!!!!!!! Am CERTAIN @rwedegis will join us ;)




Cheers @jaynie .....looked good that red.

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Nice photography.

I'm no whale, but I come here everyday @themagus! Btw how's the story going?

I think I prefer the colour one, that sunset must have been lovely to see while drinking a nice wine.

Color for sure, that sunset is fantastic!


Thanks, and thanks for stopping by....

Another vote for the color version! And man, that's one hell of a view! 😍