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Whattttt !! NO MUSIC? Sorry legions of fans but this is just a small photography post about a small patch of our garden where nothing wanted to grow ... except the plant equivalent of cockroach or shark ... CACTII !!


Man, these dudes are survivors. @fempower picks pieces off other plants and just sticks them in the soil ..... literally .... and after a few months.. there be life.



Notice the different stones between the plants ... it has been our custom for years now to bring back a stone from a weekend away...basically from different parts of the country.





Thanks for stopping by (Do bots read?) ...your support as always is appreciated!!



Good looking garden-roaches! Lol.

But if a person can't grow cacti then they know they are truly cursed right?

Spot on !! My curse is a lemon tree.... my 5th attempt.... this time in a big pot has managed to survive and give a few lemons. But all around us in our suburb there are huge lemon trees with fruit falling on the ground.

Seems like you should be liberating lemons from the trees in the area...Or would that bring you unwanted attention from people that might want to beat you senseless?


hahahaha .... no I would not want to be liberating ANYTHING that is not mine. I live in Kraaifontein and here is an excerpt from the yearly crime stats report for parliament ...

Nyanga Police Station reported the highest number of murder cases reported, with 308 cases recorded. Other stations in the Western Cape include Phillipi East with 205 recorded cases, Delft with 195 cases, Khayelitsha with 192 cases, ### Kraaifontein with 186 cases, ### and Gugulethu with 182 cases

So basically every second day someone in our suburb gets murdered ....

Thanks again for the engage...soon we gonna have to get married {grin} ...

Yep, I assumed that would be the case, or something similar. Must be an odd place to live with all of that going on but I guess you get used to it. There was a guy on here from SA a while back who worked in Cape Town. Lost his job and had to take work heading up security on a white farm in the outback (or whatever you guys call it there) and well...He dropped off the face of the earth. I hope he's ok. I have heard it's pretty hairy out there.

You're welcome for the ENGAGE...We'll get the wedding planned someday huh?

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