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It has been a sweltering few days and weeks here in Cape Town and I confess to being heartily sick of it. ...

Justin Hayward - Forever Autumn

This morning whilst walking my canine friend I could feel the change in the temperature; and also realized that the sun is rising quite late (06h37) these days as opposed to 05h10 of mid-summer. The light was striking and I could not resist taking a couple of pics with my trusty Samsung S7.



Relaxing back at home watching the Indian Women cricketers compete against NZ Women at the Melbourne Cricket grounds I noticed a building .... and I use that term rather loosely .... in the background. I quickly took a snap of it (excuse the quality) .

Now to me this resembles a multi-level squatter camp...all that is missing is a satellite dish

Pray tell, what is that monstrosity ????

An appropriate tune to listen to while analyzing the merits or demerits of the construction ...

Shabby Little Hut - The Bats

Thanks for stopping by.....appreciated!


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