Some Photographs of Nature

in photography •  2 years ago

Snapped late Summer and early Autumn

  • First of its just a pine cone in my backyard

  • The only edited photo of the bunch! our fishing waters

  • A random flower/bush at my grandparents country house

  • Sweet juciy organic apples

*This one is from a tiny little National park forest just a few kilometers away from my home consisting of only Beech trees! This place is absolutely stunning later in the autumn (this is taken early october). " Unfortunately" i was away on vacation during this transformation! (just imagine all the leaves in bronze)

I hope y'all like the photos, and feel free to use them whichever way you want!
Taken with a Nikon D5500
If you want the original file sizes and/or RAW images without my name on it just comment down below

Tomorrow i will post some animal photos/portraits!


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