Red aesthetic 3.0 - Perspectives In Red !

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Tilted Perspectives !

Hey fellow steemians...Good evening, hope everyone's doing great.

Lets get started with the 3rd post of the red aesthetic series.


Today's image is about perspective. The idea here was to capture the repetition of architectural elements and distort the usual way of perceiving a diminishing perspective by a slight change in the direction and rotation while clicking the image itself. The emphasis in the direction of the vanishing point just becomes the point of focus when the viewer first interacts with the image. The darkness of black and the power of red adds the attention and call for this distortion, in the end engaging the user in the way it was intended.

If you find it interesting and intriguing, upvote and resteem shall be appreciated, comments and discussions are always encouraged.

On the same theme of perspective, check out the post i did in black and white, titled 'lost in perspective' below -

Enjoy !
Until next time...

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Very hypnotic.

Pulls like a magnet into the unknown, like a black hole)


@mariya-lorenz haha yes that's true.
now i can say the purpose of this image is served. lol